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20 Questions | A Peek Into My Life

Have no fear! This will not be a blog post where I answer 20 random questions and you sit there wondering to yourself, “Why the heck does Nikki think I care about what was the last thing she ate today?” (It was chocolate chip pancakes in case you really were interested.)

No, it will not be 20 questions, but I would like you all to get to know me on a personal level. That is one of the main reasons that I started this blog. I’m a photographer. I work with  people; people I don’t even know most of the time. Don’t you agree that it would be such a better experience if you got to actually KNOW your photographer before your wedding day or photo session in general? Take Clayton and Kristi for example. After our amazing engagement session in Downtown St. Paul, we decided to celebrate and get some food and drinks at one of the restaurants nearby. I LOVED that! I loved getting to know them and what their relationship was like, what their family was like, how they interacted with each other, sharing stories with each other, etc. I’m so excited for their wedding in June because I truly feel like I’m photographing a good friend’s wedding instead of a client’s.

So, we’ll start with the basics. I’m assuming you all know about my adorable little munchkin of a furball, Rusty? If not, I’ll be brief because I’ve talked about him a lot and I’m sure you’re all sick of it. He’s a yorki-poo who is going to be 11 months old tomorrow! He’s brown and black, hence the name Rusty. He is my second shadow and will not chew on a toy or bone unless I am in clear sight of him. He lays outside the bathroom door when I’m putting on make-up or doing my hair – I like to say it’s to protect me but who knows? He gets jealous of the laptop getting more attention than him so he feels the need to sit on my lap and lay his head on my keyboard to prevent my hands from typing and instead I resort to massaging his paws – he’s weird and really enjoys us massaging his hands and feet – spoiled!

You all know how amazing my husband is, and if you don’t I’ll just tell you; he’s amazing. He co-shoots with me and is my business partner and we couldn’t work better together. I still consider us newlyweds even though it’s been over a year since we got hitched. After getting married we did what the American Dream says: bought a starter house and a puppy. Children will come when the time is right. I used to say I wanted to have enough children to make a baseball team – as of right now, who knows? In my family, we had three children. When one of us was gone (usually my brother – he was in the Army) it felt like something was missing in our house. So naturally I never want that to happen so I’ll just have 9 kids. Makes sense, right? (For those of you freaking out, I’m kidding…or maybe not!)

This leads me to my family. You can’t write a personal blog post and not incorporate your family. I am the youngest child of three; my  brother is the oldest and lives all the way in New York, and my sister is clearly the second oldest and she lives all the way an hour away from me. Paul and I moved out to the what we call, “the country.” We grew up in St. Paul but have now ventured away and surprisingly, we love it out here.

Back to Richie and Toni. I used to say that if you knew all of us you would never know we were raised by the same parents. Rich loves football, basketball, and baseball (he used to be an amazing pitcher), Toni loves knitting and baking (she’s awesome at both – especially making truffles and knitting me scarves), and until recently my only hobbies were reading and playing the piano. However, as we’ve gotten older it’s clear that we are all old-fashioned, black-and-white-movie-loving, Christmas-carol-singing, Spaghetti-dinner-on-Sunday-eating, spitting images of our mom and dad. As we’ve moved away from each other it becomes more apparent. Paul will see me laughing in my chair as I receive a text from my brother or sister quoting an old movie we used to watch when we were little. Or Paul will see me taking a photo of the TV screen when I’m watching an old cartoon and then watch me excitedly send it to my brother and sister. This usually goes on for a while because we like to “one-up” each other in the “Who’s watching the best old movie/Christmas or Halloween cartoon?” The bottom line is, us kids feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful childhood together and let’s face it, we miss each other. I haven’t seen my brother in 6 months and my sister in a month!

Since you know a little about what my brother and sister are like, I’ll give you an idea about my parents. Mom loves her bird and animal watching – I once asked her if she could have a magic power, what would it be. She responded with “I’d love to talk to animals.” She is the reason us kids LOVE Christmas. She has an entire built-in book case dedicated to Christmas books; Christmas cook books, decorating books, storybooks, song books, poem books, etc. (I’m even named after St. Nick!) My dad loves everything about health and wellness and positivity. His famous saying to us kids when we complain is, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Inspiration for the day! He loves baseball and took me to my first Twins game when I was nine. I almost cried when I found out the grass at the Metrodome was not real grass. It still affects me today. When I was little until the time I said “Yes” to Paul when he asked me to marry him, I used to tell Dad that I was going to marry someone just like him. :)

Can you tell which one is me?? Hint: I’m the loud looking one.My brother, Richie, and I during our visit to New York in the summer.My beautiful sister, Toni, during her maternity shoot we did this past summer.My momMy dadI hope you enjoyed a little peeking into my life! See how much fun getting to know the photographer can be? :) I hope you enjoyed the photos – have a wonderful day!

  1. mom says:

    I sure enjoyed reading this. I’m a lucky mom, thanks.

  2. Dana says:

    I love reading your blogs… even though we are far away it makes me feel a little closer… lol