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2014 Goals

A lot of people get excited for a brand new year. A new year means erasing the slate, starting fresh, bettering ourselves, learning from last year’s mistakes, and creating new goals. I love the new year! I get so excited creating lists of things that I’d like to do, not do, better myself in, etc. It’s like my map for the new year – I like to see where I’m going. Sometimes I even put dates next to things on my list because I finally know that I work better when I’m backed into a corner. I tend to put things off until the last minute (thank goodness I’m done with school – that was always a problem; oddly enough I don’t do that with my business – hurray!!) – I think I like the tiny drama that comes with not knowing if I’m going to make the deadline?? I don’t know. Either way, creating deadlines for my projects helps me get things done. This year I’ve created two lists: personal and business (both equally fun :))…so here we go!

~Business Goals 2014~

1.) This is a big one but it’s always been a goal of mine: book a wedding in another state (or country – I’m not too picky).

2.) Create a more organized system for my finances.

3.) Find and actually love my editing style (I change my mind a lot on my editing – I’m waiting for the day when it just clicks).

4.) Finish my office!! Paint! Decorate! Complete my Organization Wall! Order favorite canvases to display!

5.) Practice more using flashes. Practice. Practice. Practice.

6.) Design an album to show clients of my favorite images, both engagement and wedding.

7.) Get a better website with a portfolio and a blog. Someday. Can’t wait!!

8.) Offer mentoring/coaching sessions. This is another big one – I’m pretty excited about it. :)

9.) Be more confident in my work.

10.) Figure out my favorite poses and develop a style (sometimes my brain freezes and I forget to do some of my favorite poses – blah!).

11.) Be featured on more wedding blogs.

12.) Try more creative detail shots.

(There’s a lot more but right now I can’t think of them…)

~Personal Goals 2014~

1.) Finish painting and decorating the basement – this is HUGE! We just started painting the awful orange paneling in the basement and it looks LOVELY!

2.) Paint the kitchen cabinets (white) and the walls (probably going with brown?).

3.) Plant my vegetable garden and stick with it!!!

4.) Start my front yard garden and stick with it!!!

5.) Have more bonfires.

6.) Sit outside under the stars more.

7.) Enjoy our bench swing more.

8.) Go for walks every evening after dinner with Rusty and Paul.

9.) Learn songs on the piano that I’ve been wanting to learn (my brother sends me requests all the time – I need to get going!)

10.) GROW OUT MY HAIR!!! I’m an impulsive hair chopper – this is going to be difficult but I know I can do it!

11.) Learn to say “no” more often – I’m a people pleaser and unfortunately people tend to take advantage of that. Need to be comfortable with the word “no!”

12.) Pay off a couple of big student loans!!

13.) Get my skin looking better (I’ve had really bad cystic acne for the past 3 years – thank goodness for Photoshop! – so it’s a constant battle, but I”m hopeful for this year! :)).

14.) Learn to meditate.

15.) Shoot more for myself. I love nature so I really want to explore that realm of photography more this year. Even if it means just walking outside with Rusty and finding something beautiful.

16.) Learn how to bake Easter Pizzas (family tradition).

17.) Learn how to golf.

18.) Go fishing.

Ok, now that I’ve begun I could just keep going. But I shan’t. It’s dinner time and the man friend is about to come home from work and I bet he’s hungry. Good luck to you all on your 2014 goals and have a lovely weekend!! :)

  1. Dani Silva says:

    I think you are awesome!!!! And have wonderful goals for the new year. Good luck (even though you really don’t need it )