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7 Years of Marriage | A Reflection

I don’t often write blog posts about my personal relationship with Paul, but as our anniversary is just around the corner I thought it might be appropriate. Bear with me, friends. :)

As some of you may know already from past posts, I began dating Paul just a couple of months after turning 19. Looking back, we were both a couple of babies, but we fell head over heels for each other in an incredibly short amount of time. A couple of weeks after our first date, marriage was already getting brought up in conversations. After only dating a month, I was planning on moving nearly two hours away from home just to be near Paul. After only a few months, Paul was deciding how he wanted to ask my parents for permission to marry me. We were moving too fast; people referred to it as “the honeymoon phase” and we were warned it wouldn’t last.

Ten years later that phase hasn’t ended. We will often say to each other how lucky we are to still be head over heels for each other as well as each other’s best friend. We have seen how harsh the world has affected marriages over the past ten years and we’re so grateful we still are happy every single day. We know we’re lucky and we do our best not to take each other for granted and remind each other how much we really do like one another.

(We know that in some ways our marriage has been easier than others’. We know it’s incredibly hard having children (but also a blessing) and we also know that we (thankfully) have yet to endure major tragedies together which so often can break up a marriage. Again, we are lucky and we don’t take it for granted. However, when the time comes and we have to say good-bye to Rusty, I know I’ll be holding onto Paul for dear life.)

Marrying Paul was, quite literally, the easiest thing in the world. Being married to him is, quite literally, the easiest thing in the world. (I hope he can say the same about me. :)) He is the smartest person I know and he is my Superman. If Paul can’t fix something, I know I’m screwed. He is the most reliable and responsible person I know, someone I can depend on for anything (except to believe in magic and wizards and fairies and talking animals…but I digress).

He is my cheerleader and support system, without him I’m not sure I would have had the courage to pursue art or photography. He truly believes I can do anything, even become an accomplished violinist if I would JUST PRACTICE. (He bought me a violin three years ago because it was on my list of goals and I have yet to master anything on it because I NEVER PRACTICE…)

He is the hardest working person I know, constantly supporting the two of us and our future while I have jumped through careers just trying to land on the right one. He is the funniest person I know, one of the things I loved about him since day one. (The best part is he says the same thing about me. I knew I was funny.)

Besides my diary, he is my one true confidant. He knows everything about me, my past, and my dreams for the future. He knows my habits, he knows what I’m thinking before I get the words out, and although I don’t like to admit it, he knows I’m in a bad mood before I do. He knows I don’t particularly enjoy change, he knows I’m too hard on myself, and he knows I change my mind more often than not (when he brings that up I remind him he’s lucky I haven’t changed my mind about him.)

And of course, I think he is the best-looking boy in the whole wide world. Jack from Titanic has nothing on him and naturally, Paul keeps getting better looking with age. I love his gray hairs peppering his short black hair and beard, his big smile and perfect teeth, his beautiful brown eyes, his freckles on his ears, his one dimple on his cheek, and the fact that he has a tattoo on his back and still continues to forget he even has one. (Seriously, people will comment on it when he’s swimming or something, and he’ll totally not know what they’re talking about.)

We fight like every couple does, we go to bed annoyed or angry with each other (something that is so hard for me to do – I want to finish/continue the fight and he wants to give me the silent treatment which, for me, is the WORST THING YOU CAN DO), we make mistakes, we hurt each other’s feelings (not usually on purpose), and we bicker about what movies or TV shows to watch and directions when driving.

I don’t know what I’ve done in my life to deserve him. Sometimes I look at him and realize he’s a completely other being with his own mind and his own beating heart and his own view of the world (it’s easy to think we’re one person when I’m with him) that consciously chose me and continues choosing me every single day. It’s a surreal thought. I hope as the next sixty years float along I continue to never take him for granted. Or us.

(I also hope he reads this.)

If you’d like to relive our wedding day, click here. Our anniversary isn’t for another two weeks but the fall weather lately has me thinking it’s already mid-October. :)

Thanks for reading this, friends, and I hope it wasn’t too nauseating. :) Xoxo

Our honeymoon. :) Jamaica, 2011.

Thanks to Dana for the next two photos. :)

Climbing Dunn’s River Falls. :)

On the boat to the island for a private dinner, our favorite part of the trip.

I do love Santa. Christmas, 2012.

My graduation, 2012.Our second big trip together. Alaska, 2013.

Growing old together, us bird-watchers.

He’s always amazed at his ring indent.

Mexico for our anniversary, 2014.

Masters Graduation, 2013.

Our birthdays are two weeks apart – my family is lazy and combines both our birthdays. ;) (Just kidding, calm down.)

New York City, 2015.

One of favorite things at our first home, walks at sunset.

The most perfect pumpkin patch down the road from our first home.

Malibu, 2015.

Christmas, 2015.

Celebrating our 5-year anniversary where we spent our honeymoon, at the same resort in the same room. Jamaica, 2016.

San Diego, 2017.


Selling our first home, 2017.

Buying our second home, 2017.

Christmas, 2017.

Walt Disney World, 2018.

  1. Gwen Larson says:

    Happy Anniversary to you, Nikki and Paul! This was fun reading and refreshing so many memories of you. Meg’s wedding photos were awesome. Her work reminds me of yours.? Your grandpa must really be a funny guy!! I was so hoping to see that awesome tattoo during the Honeymoon…and even had a second chance for that second one…but no luck.? Thank you for sharing your life with us. I am blessed. Xxoo to you both!

    • Nikki says:

      Gwen, you always make my day with your comments. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. :) I now co-shoot weddings with Meg and we’re glad our photography styles resemble each other – it makes shooting together much easier. :) Haha Paul’s tattoo is a blue Pentecostal flame at the top of his back, an 18-year-old’s rebellion. ;) I don’t even know if I have a photo of it! I’ll have to be sure to take one. :)