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A Day in the Life | Working From Home

Well, I’m finally getting back into weekly blogging and I’m so excited (I’m starting to blog on MWF)!! If you remember earlier in the year, I had tried to commit to blogging everyday…then it went to three times a week…and then two days a week…and then it almost became non-existent. :( I really didn’t feel like I had anything to talk about. Little voices in my head would say, “What if people don’t care what I’m writing about?” every time I would sit down to type. It wasn’t very fun. I also stopped having time once wedding season started. On the weekends I would think that if I could just get the wedding done in 3 days instead of 4 then I would blog. Well, needless to say it barely happened. I just didn’t have the time.

When I first started my business I had these naive thoughts about how my time would be spent throughout my work day. I thought I’d be the next June Cleaver/Martha Stewart; frolicking through the house, picking up odds and ends to make my house more organized; creating extravagant meals for the man friend and I; exercising every morning; never allowing the hamper to become overflowing; vacuuming away in my “Oh, this ole’ thing?” dress; and then sitting down in my cute office for a few hours before Paul came home from work.

Holy moley. I was wrong. Here is what a typical workday looks like during wedding season:

7:45am – Let Rusty out, feed him, feed myself (sometimes we eat breakfast together – it’s pretty cute); clean up the house if things were left out from the previous night (it definitely doesn’t resemble frolicking around in a 50’s dress)

8:00am – Pull out my laptop and other work items to begin the workday (I typically work in the living room because if I work in my office chair, Rusty cries because he wants to lay right next to me – I know, it’s a problem – plus I like to have the TV on for background noise)

– Mondays are completely devoted to culling all 5,000 photos that Paul and I take during one wedding and narrowing them down to about 500. Mondays are my longest day.

– Tuesdays are when I begin editing. Editing takes about 2-3 days.

– Thursdays during the day or Thursdays at night are my blogging times. If I haven’t finished editing by the end of Wednesday, then I know I’ll be working a complete FULL day in order to get the blog up by Friday morning. Typically I work on the blog Thursday nights, sometimes until midnight, so it’s ready to publish Friday. If I do finish editing by the end of Wednesday, then I can devote the entire work day on Thursday to preparing the blog. Then I decide if I post it on Thursday night or wait until Friday morning.

– Fridays are catch-up days. Once the blog is posted, I spend the day re-backing everything up, packaging photos, and catching up on miscellaneous items that have been on the back burner all week.

12:00pm – On my “lunch break” I typically start getting ready – finally.

1:00pm – Back to work.

4:00pm – Paul comes home and takes a nice little nap. I will rarely end the day when Paul gets home during a wedding week. So, I’m glad that he likes to nap when he gets home, otherwise I feel bad not spending time with him.

6:00pm or 7:00pm – During a wedding week I typically will work until this time. Why do I work myself silly?? Because. I like being consistent with my turnaround time for people’s photos. I never want to get behind, especially when I shoot a few weddings in a row.

7:00pm – Dinner time! I’m a fan of the elaborate “Taco in a Bag” – easy prep, easy cleanup.

7:30pm – Quality time with Paul and Rusty – favorite time of the day.

When do I have to go grocery shopping, errand shopping, etc?? If it’s a wedding weekend, here is what my weekend looks like:

Saturday: WEDDING!!!

Sunday: Back up photos. Back them up again. And then one more time (I like to have a lot of a backups). Then we run errands, grocery shop, or just lounge around the house. We barely ever make plans the day after a wedding because we are exhausted.

Clearly my ideas on my workdays were a tad different from what they really are. :)

Now that wedding season is over for the year my days aren’t quite as hectic. The hours run like a normal workday – 8am to 4pm (or whenever Paul gets home) – and my nights are spent hanging out with Rusty and Paul. Weekends are finally open to do whatever we want and it has been such a nice change these past two weekends.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE what I do and am so blessed and thankful for all of my brides and grooms and referrals. But it definitely is nice to have a little more free time to relax. Everybody needs a little break, right??

So to those of you who are working from home or at the office or in a classroom or in a hospital or wherever, I hope you are able to take some time for yourself later today and just relax. :) Have a wonderful day, friends!

  1. You mean you don’t just sit around eating bon-bons all day??? ;) I love the mental image of you cleaning in your “this ole thing” dress though. What a shame it doesn’t work that way! Although by the end of the day, I always remember your grandma telling me to put lipstick on for when the husband gets home :)