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A Late Good-Bye to July | Instagram Month Recap

Hello dear friends! I’m late to the game in recapping the month of July, but trust me. There are reasons for this delay. Those reasons also are why I haven’t been blogging this past week or as much the week before. In due time I shall tell you, no worries. :)

But for now, music! I’m listening to instrumental music right now – feel free to enjoy with me. :)

Without saying why, this past month has been one of the craziest months of my life! I haven’t painted in weeks (ahh! Blasphemy, I know), I’ve barely watered our little garden, and, dare I say it…I haven’t even taken Rusty on a walk in goodness knows how long. But, there’s always reason to such madness and until life calms down I’m just trying to stay afloat. Although the last month has been a blur, right now everything is calm. Paul and Rusty are snuggled behind me, napping together on the couch (Paul’s sick so Rusty is on nurse duty), instrumental music is playing, and cookies just came out of the oven making the house smell like a real cozy hug.

After writing to you I’m going to meander outside to my favorite spot, open my diary and write until I can’t write anymore. I’ll listen to the birdies sing their nighttime songs, I’ll watch the sun’s reflection go down across the lake, and I’ll soak up these blissful moments in our little home. Summer vacation is almost over, reality is just around the corner. Thanks, but no thanks. I’d like to stay in my own fairy land just a bit more.

So what all happened in July? Loads, friends. And I loved doing the month recap for June that I’m doing it again for July using my Instagram photos. I use Instagram almost daily as a mini blog (go say hi if you’d like! search @nikkijeantran or just click on the camera icon at the top of the menu!) so it’s nice to give you all the same updates in similar fashion. So here’s July at a glance…

July 2017 Recap | Nikki Tran Blog | www.nikkitranphotography.com

  • Every season I change out our flower bed boxes that Paul made me using fake flowers. I was a little late this year but before the 4th of July the flower bed boxes were beautified. :)
  • On July 3rd Paul and I celebrated being together for 9 years. He’s still the knees to my bees.
  • Even though I don’t talk about it very often, I’m still working on photography in the background and creating editing actions for photographers. Although I still love it, sometimes it gets put on the back-burner. :(
  • Paul and I had been spending many quality days together in the lake town just a few miles from our house. It’s our happy place – we get lost watching the waves and the boats putt-putting in.
  • Working from home is always a challenge, especially when I want to take a vacation since it’s my summer vacation. But I love it – it gives me purpose and gets me excited for unlimited possibilities.
  • I shared a little video of Mickey Mouse being painted. :) Can you believe that’s the last time I painted? I know, shame on me.
  • I’ve been sharing little quotes here and there on Instagram – quotes that make my heart flutter and so I hope yours does too. :)
  • While Paul and I were in our favorite town, I found this wonderfully photographed and designed cookbook. The cover alone was enough to hook me in.
  • My mom, Nana, sister, and I went to a little tea party in a tiny neighborhood in St. Paul. Afterwards we saw this piano just sitting on the sidewalk. Anyone can play, we were told. So I did! Hands became clammy, my fingers shook, but I played! A “Dear Diary moment” for sure. :)
  • Paul finally got to go golfing with my daddy, and while he did I got to hang out with my little nephew, momma, and 5 little kitties in my 2nd childhood home.
  • Have you had the pleasure of finally printing your beloved photos to put into frames or an album? If not, please do. It’s like Christmas morning.
  • Lazy mornings and snuggling with Rusty have become a bit of a habit this summer. I can’t complain.
  • I began down-sizing like crazy last month, and in the midst of cleaning I discovered I have no real way of filing my art. Put it on the to-do list!
  • BASIL. BASIL. BASIL. My kitchen is so happy I have basil because it smells divine. I have two large batches hanging just waiting to be dried out and stored for later. I. LOVE. BASIL.
  • I had my first official design client!! Friends, it was wonderful. It was just a logo but I was beside myself with glee!! (Go check her out: Emma Halet)
  • I’m learning that I don’t know all the answers and detailed plans of my life (it’s scary stuff for me). I’m learning that sometimes the right answers aren’t always clear until they are.
  • I’m soaking up as much knowledge as I can while I begin my newest adventure. The website is so close to being done but all work and painting has taken a backseat these past few weeks. (For good reason!)
  • Beatrix Potter turned 151!!
  • Our beautiful town celebrated for a whole weekend, just because. We walked with friends/neighbors around the lake to the crowded tents above the baseball fields, tasted wine and beer, listened to live music, crossed our fingers we’d finally win something from the door prizes (they had fairy homes this year!!), ate delicious food-truck food and cheesecurds, and walked back (to our adorable puppies) as the moon guided us home. Another “Dear Diary moment.”
  • Harry Potter’s birthday – after searching there’s no definite answer how old he is. But that’s okay. I spent the evening hanging out with him and Hedwig. ‘Twas a simple celebration, I know he doesn’t like when people make a fuss. :)

And that is the gist of July, dear friends. The sun is setting, it’s time for Paul to wake up (perhaps have some soup?), and it’s time for me to go outside and be still, write, reflect, say good-night to the flowers and birdies, and hello to Mr. Moon (he’s my favorite). Until we meet again, friends (which will be sooner than later, I promise!!) xoxo

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