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Birthdays & Presents for Darling Little Boys

Before the craziness of wedding season began and in between the craziness of wedding season, there were some wonderful little boys that got celebrated. :) If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know that my brother’s family moved out to NY a few years ago – actually 5. Has it already been 5 years?! Aye carumba. Anyways! Since they’ve moved, there have been little chances for celebrations for my two nephews’ birthdays. Until this past summer. :)

Richie, Kristy, Johnny, and David made the trip to see the family (and lucky me got to host them for a couple of days :)) and on one of those days, the entire family got together to celebrate little David’s 4th birthday. It was his FIRST birthday party with his family – how exciting!! Mom and Dad put together the BBQ, the picnic tables, there was cake to be cut, candles to be blown out, and of course, the 4 little cousins finally had a chance to play together. It’s always so fun watching them play. :)

And a few days ago, we got to celebrate little Adam & Chase’s October birthdays at my sister’s new (old & charming) house (although my brother’s family is back in NY – we missed you all as usual!!). My brother-in-law, Andy, made homemade apple pie (my goodness, so good!!), the pumpkins, Halloween decor, and their new puppy Gus welcomed us at their front door, presents were opened, wine bottles were uncorked, and a lovely bonfire ended the evening.

So friends, enjoy some snippets of summer and some snippets from just a few days ago. :) The summer photos count for my Throwback Thursday. ;) xoxo

Rusty and Gramps, basking in the sun. :)

He was a little shy at first. :)

My goodness, so cute.

Paulie and my brother. :)

Adam cheering for David!

The birthday boy. :)


Johnny waiting for cake…

Grandpa helping Johnny read for David. :)

Cash money!!

Hugs for Auntie Toni. :)

Looks like trouble. :)

Andy’s homemade pies!!

It’s not a birthday until the sign comes up.

The new 6-year-old!!

Chaser’s really into making these faces lately…

Uncle Paul with Gus Gus. :)


Omigoodness, that face.

Daddy. :)

Momma. :)

He was so excited about Goodnight Goon!! And that mark on his forehead isn’t a bruise – just love from his NeeNee. ;)

Presents from Uncle Rich and Auntie Kristy!! :)

You’d think he’d be better at posing.

The boys and their NeeNee. :)

Adam took this! So proud. :)

Grandma and Grandpa. :)


Who needs cake when you’ve got homemade pies?!

:) Love them.

  1. Nana says:

    All of the pictures are so adorable,it looks like everyone was having a great time..Those pies look like they are to die for..Must talk to Andy…Love you more..

    • Nikki says:

      We missed you and Gramps!! Wish you could have been there! Yes! The pies were so good – so impressed with his baking skills. :) Love you more!!