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Byron & MaryRose | An Autumn Country Wedding

Hello, dear friends. Do you have your cup of tea? Perhaps a mug of coffee? Are you ready to see my final wedding?

If you’ve been following me for the past year or so, you’d already know I’m officially retired from weddings and other photography sessions. However, after announcing my retirement in 2016 two lovely brides slipped through the sliding door; Linnea and MaryRose. (You can read about Linnea’s beautiful July wedding here.)

I remember the exact night when Mary called me, her excited voice squealing through the phone; ’twas a misty foggy night in December of 2013 and I had just finished an engagement session in Downtown Stillwater. Her and Byron had just been looking at rings and a wedding was definitely in their future. So over the last few years, our lunches and coffee dates and HomeGoods shopping trips have consisted of wedding planning, future dreams and goals, life’s ups and downs, and reminiscing about the year we met, when I had first moved to St. Cloud to be near Paul when he moved away for college.

As she was taking over my shift at Walgreens one night nearly 10 years ago, she told me Paul was definitely going to propose, she could just feel it. A few days later I came back with a shiny new diamond on my finger and our wedding planning chats began taking place in the break room at work, on shopping trips in St. Cloud, and during long drives to teach Saturday morning pre-school classes together.

She’s the type of friend where distance is irrelevant and time spent apart creates zero strife in our relationship. Each time we get together we catch up where we left off, cheering each other on in life’s accomplishments and always being a bad influence on each other when shopping for unnecessary HomeGoods treasures (mostly things for our dogs). I’m so thankful to still have her in my life after all these years. I’m thankful we became friends when we were silly teenagers (even though at the time we disagreed on Team Jacob or Team Edward (we were 19, don’t judge)) and that she was there when Paul and I were married seven years ago, and that she always tries to motivate me to exercise (she has dragged me to kickboxing classes against my will – it’s her way of loving me), and that she trusted me enough to photograph her beautiful wedding day (and fed me mimosas during, too :)).

I love her and Byron together. Byron is completely genuine. He’s kind, he’s crazy about Mary, he spoils their dogs, he’s incredibly hard-working, he’s hilarious – I couldn’t be more happy that my wonderful friend has found a wonderful person to ride the ride of life with. I love you both and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek. Xoxo times a million.

PS. You’ll see Paul in here, but guess what?? This was my first and only time shooting a wedding alone!! Ahh!

My beautiful friend.

Love them all.

:) :) :)

They held the entire day in their wooded backyard, down a windy country road with lots of crunchy leaves.

Everything was done with love, even the flowers were from her friend’s garden.

First look. :)

:) :) :)

Happy tears, of course. :)

The colors were so bold – loved them.

Her smile is so infectious. :)

Love them both.


:) :) :)

What every bride wants to do when she gets to the end of the aisle. :)

It was a bit chilly so the boys lent their coats to the girls. :)

Byron’s brother performed the ceremony – so much laughter and smiles and happy tears.

Just married!!!

Paul and I were huge fans of the puppies, especially Hagrid who reminded us of Rusty. :)

It looks like I don’t have eyeballs in that photo, but trust me, they’re there.

:) :) :)

It’s always so sweet when a momma joins the dance.

So sweet. :)

…and I can’t wait to watch them live happily ever after.

  1. Melanie Beilner

    November 5th, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    Hi Nikki,
    I miss you!!!!!

    I’ve only been off Instagram a week and I feel lost at sea! I decided to do some blog reading and find all my favorites again; kind of fun and relaxing! I love this bride’s hair and the red dresses just pop! how fun! I read your post about your Costa Rica trip and those zip lines look crazy fun too!

    I’m trying to figure out my creativity and narrow down what in the world I do!!! I’m frustrated with myself cause everyday I think of new ideas. Selling my creativity has never gone over well with me.

    I want to connect with you once in a while….what are you up to?

  2. Nikki

    November 15th, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Melanie!!! I miss you!! Kindred spirits are essential for getting through the day and I’ve been missing mine! :( I’m so glad you’re taking off for yourself – I totally understand and have been trying to be a bit more distant on my social media realms.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this post – I can’t wait for the day when we can all take an adventure together (Montana, here we come!!!).

    Time for another kindred spirit chat. What say you?! :) xoxoxoxoxo