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I’ll Take My Pasta Al Dente

I finally attended my first Pasta Making Party at my great aunt’s house this past December with my aunts and cousins. Apparently this has been going on for years – I can’t believe how much I’ve been missing out on! To be honest, I actually showed up late and missed most of the pasta making. Luckily, my cousin (he was in charge of it all) is forgiving and allowed me to help make the pasta we would be eating for lunch. I had never made pasta before so I had no idea how much work goes into it. My arms were sore for a couple of days after putting the pasta through the Cavatelli maker (it’s like the old-fashioned pencil sharpeners that you crank for hours to end up with nothing but a 2 inch pencil), but I have decided that I must have one for my own house! I wish I would have gotten more photos of the actual process of making the pasta…next time! In the mean time enjoy what I was able to take! :)

PS. During weeks that I have weddings to post, I will be posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Thursdays will be my wedding days). Otherwise, look for posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Hint, hint: next week I will be posting on M,W,Th….:)  And a huge thank you to those who follow my blog – you’re the reason I enjoy what I do. :)

The already-made-pasta in the fridge. This is what they accomplished while I was gone. My cousin, the head chef, is on the right.

These ladies had already made their share of pasta (we each took home 3 pounds of pasta to freeze until ready to cook) so they were waiting for lunch.

She is amazing on the Pizzelle machine. If you have never had a Pizzelle, I suggest you try one. I like to start eating it around the edges until I get to the middle and have made a nice, clean circle. It’s like eating an Oreo – everyone has their own way of eating one. Go find your way!

My aunt (technically cousin but we call half our cousins “aunts” and the other half “uncles”…we go as far as 4th cousins so everybody is basically a cousin) and my momma. :)

What’s making pasta without some wine?? And Sierra Mist to mix with wine that tastes like feet. My Great-Gramma’s recipe box is on the right – note that the yield on that sauce recipe is 2 1/4 gallons.

My great-aunt framed photos of her, her sisters (my nana), and her mother and father (my great-gramma and great-grandpa) making pasta. My great-gramma (on the right) recently passed away – she sure left a lot of wonderful memories of her for us.

Lunch is served! Pasta, salad, meatballs, bread, and wine.

 Buona giornata!

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks for sharing, Nikki! Great photos, great food, great family. :)



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