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It’s Official | Working From Home

Well, it’s official! I’ve graduated from college and am now working at home. I can tell you right now, if you would have told me just 1 year and 2 months ago that I would be a photographer with a growing business, I would have said you were nuts. I probably would have even laughed. I had NEVER thought of “doing” photography. It literally happened by chance that I would fall in love with it. Or did it happen by fate? Because really, everything that happens is supposed to happen (some may argue with me on this and that’s ok!) so I guess God knew I was going to be sitting at home with a furry little child curled on my lap while blogging about my new adventure as a photographer. (If my cousin, Ashley, ever reads this I’m sure she’s going to be having a field day with grammatical errors…) So here we go!

It’s Tuesday (I’m actually surprised I knew that – now that I’m home my days seem to blend together) and I’m on Day 2 of my dream job. As of right now I’m working in our living room on our table that conveniently pulls up so I don’t have to crouch over and break my back while sitting on the couch. I have my water, laptop, phone, and tons of paperwork already. It’s tax season which means that instead of someone unknown pulling together documents for taxes, I am now my own boss and I am scrambling around getting everything ready for taxes. I can already say that I do not relish this task. O well. There is also an annoying bell that keeps ringing. No, it’s not in my ears. We trained Rusty when we first got him to hit a bell that is hanging from our dining room doors whenever he has to go outside. Although it has helped in him not going to the bathroom everywhere, it is one of the most annoying sounds ever and he uses it to his advantage and rings it whenever he is bored now. There are stairs going from our living room to our dining room so I probably climb 500 steps a day. Bless his little heart, he’s probably just trying to get me to work out more. :)

I’ll be honest, it’s a little frightening exposing myself to the world by blogging. However, (and this may sound totally creepy but I swear, I’m not a creeper!) I literally STUDY other photographer’s blogs daily. Yes, studying blogs is part of my new agenda when working from home…at least until wedding season starts in just two weeks…then I’ll be working my butt off on many other things. So, anyways, like I said I study blogs. It’s amazing how much I have learned just from reading blogs. Every day I check out my favorite blogs:

Lauryn Galloway – She is someone I recently started following and she is awesome. She’s artsy, quirky, and I just love reading her stuff. Also, she takes great photos! :)

Janelle Elise – LOVE her photos. She’s from Minnesota, too, so maybe I’m extra biased but I love her work. Crisp, clean photos every time.

Katelyn James – She is my absolute FAVORITE. She blogs about everything – her newlywed life, her ADORABLE dog Bokeh, her new house, decorating, of course photography, how to run a business, etc. She’s amazing. I love reading her blog because it reminds me somewhat of myself. She started her business when she was 20 and in college. In just a few short years it has literally BOOMED (not saying mine has BOOMED yet…but it will. I have high hopes :)). She holds workshops, mentoring sessions, everything! She writes about her life together with her husband and adorable puppy (he’s part poodle, just like my little Rusty :)) and is so down to Earth that I imagine tons of people (including myself) feel like they know her on a personal level. She is one of the reasons why I want to write more on this blog and let you all in on my life.

I can’t promise you it will be exciting or drama filled,  but I’m hoping you will begin to feel like you know me and that I’m just like all of you – trying to make something of myself in this crazy world.

  1. I didn’t know you were interested in Alaska – come on up and I’ll be your tour guide when you get here! And thanks for the shout out – I appreciate it!