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If I had to choose:

Lady Elegant’s Tea Room

I started creating this blog post at around 12:30pm today…

…It’s now 5:52pm. :) Procrastination at its finest.

We have the loveliest of lazy Sundays in our house; Paul watches the Vikings game and I clean, read, write, paint, or catch up on work. It’s just wonderful, especially during a stressful week because I know I have our Sundays to look forward to; there’s no pressure to get things done and I have the right to procrastinate on anything I want. :)

Rusty is snuggling on my lap right now…my goodness I love this little love.

As you all know, I love my tea. Tea time in my house is a sacred time. When I began drinking tea (not even a year ago – my goodness, how life has changed!) I decided I would either “go big or go home” (excuse that overused saying but I couldn’t think of anything else to say). I bought a complete matching tea set, found my tea tray I had bought at the vintage store years ago, bought the best, traditional, English black tea, and made a promise that I would keep the romance and charm alive during my tea time. What could possibly be more romantic and charming than a tea party at a real live tearoom?? Nothing.

My mom is also a romantic/charm enthusiast, so we decided to finally visit a tea room this past weekend. We made reservations at Lady Elegant’s Tea Room about a month ago (you need to make reservations – no walk-ins at this adorable place, that’s how you know it’s going to be a good place) and at 10am on Saturday, I picked up my mother and we headed to St. Anthony Park (we also go there for our 4th of July extravaganza – love this little town).

We didn’t really know what to expect, but while we were trying not to slip on the sidewalk leading up to the doors, we saw this adorable sign and knew we were in for a treat.

When you first walk in, you arrive in the gift shoppe. Omigoodness friends, so many adorable teacups, teapots, teaspoons, lace tablecloths – I could have shopped in there forever. And come on, just look at their sign – a pretty good indicator of how amazing this place is.

Naturally I documented everything. Here is the decor when you first walk into the building (they share it with other businesses and theirs was on the main floor).

I know. It’s just too cute to handle. Keep looking, friends. It gets better.

I have decided I need a spoon like these.

After checking in, we were brought into the main tearoom. This is what was to the left of our table. 

In that back little room is where we hung our coats and if we wanted, could choose a tea hat to wear! I already had a hat on, so Ma picked out one for herself. :)

Each month has a menu. We ordered the Tea Sampler which included sandwiches, scones, desserts, and a pot of tea for each of us.

Oh, the plates! 

This was our table – I took this right before we left.

Our view of the quiet snow.

Me, feeling oh so happy (not a good photo of me, but you get my drift :)).

My teacup on the left, Ma’s is on the right.

Ma with her teacup and showing off her lovely hat! We drink tea in style.

Sugar and creamer.

I ordered the English Breakfast – my teapot came with a cat tea stopper! So cute!

Ma ordered Children’s Tea…:) She got a butterfly tea stopper.

Sugar cubes?? So classy.

The food – amazing. The colors? Beautiful!

We both ordered the Triple Chocolate Scones, obviously.

I loved my little teapot teaspoon!

How we felt, drinking our tea. :)

We’ve decided this is going to be a tradition during the winter, and hopefully during the spring. My sister couldn’t come this time, so hopefully our next tea party will have three of us attending. :) Also! If any of you are tea drinkers, I fell in love with one of their accessories! Each of our teapots came with a glass tea warmer. They put a tealight in the bottom of the tea warmer and our tea stayed hot for 2 hours!! Amazing! I’ve never used one but was sold on it. So, I bought a daisy shaped one from their gift shoppe, tested it out today and am so happy I bought it! Typically my tea gets cold after 30 minutes, but today I was able to drink my three cups at a nice, leisurely pace without worrying about it getting cold. Amazing! Have a lovely day, friends!!

  1. Summer says:

    Oh these are fabulous! I am so glad you blogged these and I am amazed at all the details you captured! Looks like you had such a great time!