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Looking Back on Summer

Holey moley. Summer is already come and gone! It is so true when people tell you that as you get older time flies by so much faster. A year ago we were just coming home from Alaska!! Tara and Rick were just about to tie the knot! I think having this business has made the time go by extra fast. With five weddings this month, September is just going to whiz by. However, I shan’t complain – I do love fall very much. :)

So, what has happened this summer that made it go by so incredibly fast??

1. We started our first garden and fell in love with all things gardening (I shall have to put up a last blog post about the progress of it all :)).

2. We did a beautiful, styled, woodland shoot – something I’d been wanting to do for a very long time.

3. My little nephew, Adam, had his very first sleepover at NeeNee’s. :)

4. I started learning how to sew/teaching a sewing class! I’m so glad I pushed on through – I can’t wait to buy my own sewing machine! :)

5. We shot two engagement sessions (only two?! No worries – fall is going to be full of other lovely engagement sessions :)).

6. We shot six weddings (when I write out the number, I can’t believe how little it sounds! It always feels like more weddings :)).

7. My lovely cousin introduced her beautiful daughter to the world just a few weeks ago!!

8. I started writing again and my goodness, it feels wonderful.

9. We met with so many wonderful new brides and grooms for 2015!! :)

10. I played hostess to my brother and his family while they were in town from New York and it was wonderful.

11. We watched the stars. A lot. We are seeing so many more shooting stars, too. It’s just lovely.

12. We were published in The Knot!!! :)

13. We celebrated 6 years together (dating, not married) by going to the Como Zoo, as always. :)

14. We were able to meet with so many friends we haven’t seen in forever – lunch dates, dinner dates, shopping dates, etc. :)

15. We planted a tree!!

16. We went to the lake. ONCE. I’m so disappointed in us!!

17. My office is finally coming together.


19. Our basement living room is almost complete (wait until I show you the befores and afters!).

20. I’ve been almost consistent in blogging every Monday, Wednesday, Friday!! That’s huge for me!! :)

So there you have it, friends!! Another summer has come and gone, Charlie Brown. But I cannot wait for what fall brings us (includes a trip to MEXICO!! :)). Happy Labor Day, friends!! :) xoxo

  1. It sounds like you’ve really achieved a lot this Summer, good on you!

  2. Holy cow, I was just thinking about how time flies. At this time last year, we were on our way to Rome! It’s fun to look back and see how much has changed though. Look how much you’ve accomplished—published in The Knot and everything!! :)

    • Nikki says:

      Isn’t it crazy?!? We’ll both already be married for 3 years soon!

      Look how much YOU’VE accomplished! Baby, book, office! :) So much to be happy about, lovely. :)