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Minnesota State High School Hockey Tourney

Another Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament has come and gone. For those of you who do not live in Minnesota or who do live in Minnesota and have never heard of the hockey tournament, I’ll just tell you that it’s a pretty big deal here. When I was younger and in high school and even grade school my parents had “season” tickets. It was the only time we were allowed to skip school without being sick. We would divide up the tickets among us kids and we’d each get to take a friend to the games. Dad took vacation days (when he could) and we all made sure we were around the TV (or at the game depending on who had the tickets) to watch the intense three-day tournament. Three days before the games start, Dad creates a bracket board for each of us. We pick the teams we think are going to win and then for a tie-breaker we add how many total goals we think will be scored during the entire tournament. I used to pick teams based on their team color…it didn’t work out so well.

As we got older we stopped attending the games. However, no matter where we are during the games you can bet that we’re all calling to trash talk each other (mostly Richie, Toni, Paul, and I – we get pretty competitive). My brother somehow has managed to win the majority of the tournaments, even when stationed in Korea and Iraq. We don’t know how he does it. One year he picked the lowest ranked team to win (he says he likes to root for the underdogs now and then) and we all laughed at him. We never should have underestimated him. When Paul joined the family he wasted no time getting on the winning “plaque”. I almost left him. In my defense I haven’t won a tournament for 14 years! However, Mom and Toni have only made it once as well, and my sister-in-law, Kristy, has yet to get her name on the plaque. So this year it was down to Richie or Kristy to win and naturally we were all voting for Kristy. Even though she picked the winning team Richie somehow managed to win (our boards are based on a points system – maybe my mom has rigged it so Richie always wins? Who knows…). It disgusts me sometimes, and yet these are some of my fondest memories with my wonderful family. Enjoy the photos from this year’s hockey tourney! :)

The hockey tournament typically falls on my dad’s birthday so it’s a double celebration! Happy birthday again, Daddy! :)

Where it all happens. The board on the right is the “Master Board” and gets updated after each game is played.

Me and the man friend. :)

Adam was so nice and kept watch over Rusty’s over-sized bone. This was Rusty’s first exhilarating hockey tourney!

The winning “plaque”. Another “Richie” will be added to 2013. Unbelievable.

Have a splendid Monday! :)

  1. I love you guys :) I know you don’t care about class A, but I was SO UPSET that St. Thomas won. They’re moving up to AA next year–you might wanna put your money on them. Just an insider tip ;)