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My Friend’s Getting Married!!

Hello dear friends!! When I was little I had a lot of really good friends, as (hopefully) most of us had. But as we all got older, we usually drifted apart and then just became a memory to each other, except for a few people. I am so fortunate that I’m still friends with my neighborhood friend (Jen) since the age of 2, and my school friend (Erin) since the age of 3. When Jen got married almost two summers ago, it was like the end of an era; my childhood was officially gone and all of our hilarious stories were just that, stories. I cried for her, I laughed for her, and I couldn’t have been happier for her and her husband. How lucky was I to be watching my friend, who was in a whole lot of home movies when I was 2 (I made her sing Christmas songs in the middle of summer – go figure) get married later in life?? I know! Amazing! And now I get to do it all over again this weekend for Erin. :) And she’s having us be her wedding photographers!! I’m on cloud nine!! :)

Erin is truly one of the most genuinely nice, caring, nurturing, generous, and loyal people I’ve ever met. I really couldn’t have asked for a better best friend growing up. We had sleepovers all the time, were on a bowling league together  for many years, played sports together through our school and other rec leagues, had numerous birthday parties, went to school together from pre-school – 8th grade, and shared so many wonderful memories together. Even as we got older and our lives drifted apart somewhat, we were still able to pick up where we left off every time we saw each other – that is a friendship worth holding onto forever.

Every time I bring her up to somebody or if people don’t know her, I always tell them this story, because to be honest, this describes her character perfectly. When I was little (K – 2nd grade?) I got the 90’s bowl haircut. Unfortunately other people didn’t think it was as cool as I did because I got made fun of. A lot. My wonderful friend Erin, just wouldn’t stand for that. So what did she do? Got a bowl haircut just like mine. :) Amazing, isn’t she? I also used to think I got all of my freckles from her (I thought they were contagious and surprisingly never knew I had them…we also have the exact same birthmark! Don’t ask where it is – you can only see it when we would wear our swimsuits.) and when I was required to go to PM Kindergarten class (some district rule) and Erin was required to be in AM class, Nancy (Erin’s mom) made it happen that we could both be in the same PM class; I couldn’t be without my pre-school friend! And now, 22 years after meeting in pre-school, she’s getting married and I’m photographing her on her big day. What an incredible honor!!

And so, without further ado, I introduce to you Erin and I on the infamous “Throwback Thursday,” just a couple of days before her wedding day. :) Love you, Erin and so incredibly happy for you and Matt!! Cannot WAIT for Saturday!! :) :)

  1. Nana says:

    Oh sweetie pie what a beautiful stary…Tell Erin congratulations from nana…I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures I know they will be beautiful …Have fun at the wedding…