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Tips for Beautiful Getting Ready Photos

Now that my first official wedding season is finished, I can confidently say that I’ve learned a few things. Probably too many things to write. So, I want to use the things I’ve learned to help brides with their upcoming weddings, and today I’m going to talk about the first part of the big day: Getting Ready.

Typically I will encourage brides to have about a 45 minute time slot specifically for the getting ready photos. Paul hangs out with the groom and groomsmen, and I stay with the bride and her lovely ladies. During this time I get detail shots of the dress, shoes, makeup, jewelry, programs, invites, veil, etc. Then my bride will start getting into her dress with the help of either mom, sister, bridesmaids, or all three. It can be a beautiful moment, it can be a very stressful moment, and it can also be a photographer’s nightmare. Let me explain before you get upset with me :)

When I enter the room where the bride is getting ready I do the following things:

a. Search for natural light – I never want to have to use a flash when having the bride get ready. It’s not soft, it’s not romantic, and I just don’t want to have to use it.

b. If there is zero natural light I ask the bride if she is okay with moving somewhere else and I immediately start searching the building for natural light.

c. Clean up! Organize! When girls get ready we tend to have a lot of stuff. And it can be everywhere. Having sweatpants on the floor, flip flops, dress bags, and food in the background of getting ready shots is not very pretty so this is when I go into June Cleaver mode.

d. Make sure all of the bridesmaids are ready, if possible. If the girls are helping or in the photos at all, it makes for prettier, put together photos when the girls look their best too.

I’ll be honest, I wish I would have known these things when it was my wedding and my turn to get ready. Looking back, I cringe at the thought of having to shoot photos in the bridal room at our church. It was yellowish/green lighting, the size of a cardboard box, cluttered with food, garbage, way too many people, and just not the ideal setting at all.

Anyways! Sometimes it’s not always possible to have the perfect setting  for getting ready photos and I totally understand and that’s completely fine! But if getting ready photos are really important to you, use these tips (even one!) and you will be oh so happy that you did. :)

 Dani’s room was beautiful. In one corner the girls were getting ready so I had Dani come next to the bed with the window in front to get some soft lighting. Gorgeous!

Tegan’s room was also gorgeous – it was at the St. Paul Hotel which is amazing anyways. I made the photo b/w because although there was lovely soft lighting, I left a lamp on which cause yellow and orange tones. If there’s natural lighting, do not turn on the lamps! :)

Elizabeth was originally going to get ready in a tiny bathroom, but she was totally up for moving into this little patch of light. So here’s a pull back of what we were in…

…and here’s a close up. Love the lighting, especially in Kristi’s photo on the right. Again, in this room the girls were getting ready in the other corner so I focused more towards the window.

Janelle got ready in a hotel room – a great alternative since it will always have natural light. :)

I hope this helped a little with your wedding planning! Happy Monday and Happy Veterans Day!! :)