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Tom + Dana | A Romantic, Magical, Wintry Proposal

Oh. My. Goodness. Last Saturday was such a magical night! Mainly for Tom and Dana, but also for me. :) As you may have already guessed, I am a hopeless romantic, and I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. So when Tom emailed me about two weeks ago telling me he was going to propose to my long-time friend, Dana, in the middle of dreamy Rice Park, I was thrilled. (That’s me and her in grade school when I was in 5th grade and she was in 8th grade in the photo above – we were also presidents of the Nick Carter fan club. Oh, boy band heartthrobs…:))

To some people, winter is not romantic, especially not Minnesota in the winter. However, I beg to differ. When one first sees the sparkling twinkle lights lighting up Rice Park in downtown St. Paul, you just have to smile and your heart may pitter-patter a little faster. Even when the windchill is -30, which it was last Saturday. But we’re Minnesotans and we’re troopers.

Paul and I layered up our clothing (3 pairs of pants each, 3 sweaters each, 4 pairs of socks each, 2 pairs of mittens each, snow boots, winter jackets, hats, scarves, and earmuffs), and after arriving in Rice Park at 6:15pm and setting up our lighting, I texted Tom that we were all set to go! Paul nonchalantly sat on a park bench, waiting for Dana and Tom to pass him (Tom had surprised her with a hotel stay at the beautiful St. Paul Hotel and told her that to get to where they were going, they had to walk through Rice Park – sneaky. :)) When they got to the middle of the twinkle-lit path, I got out of my hiding place, Paul out of his, and Tom got down on one knee, Dana in tears. Bliss. :)

It’s always an honor to document my bride and groom’s wedding, but it’s just a whole other honor when I’m asked to be invited to something so intimate as a proposal. I cannot thank you, Tom & Dana, enough for having us there, celebrating with you!! (When Dana realized it was me and Paul, Dana and I may have squealed a bit. :) Such a happy moment!!) Congratulations a MILLION times and I’m just so happy for the two of you!! Love you!! xoxoxo :)

Ahhh!! Love that Paul had such a good view of her happy face!! :)

People, THIS is why two photographers are just wonderful to have. Paul’s above is the exact same moment as my photo below. Love this!! :)

Oh my goodness, so stinkin’ sweet!!! 

:) :) :) :)

Love those lights!!

So happy!!

Congrats again you two!! Enjoy the WEDDING PLANNING!!! :) :) xoxoxo