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Sisterhood of the Dance Parties

I’m guilty of playing hooky from work yesterday – I decided to venture out to Mall of America with my big sister instead. :)

love spending time with my sister. It sounds weird (maybe those with sisters understand) but it’s like she’s half of my soul. For as long as I’ve lived, my sister has been there. Maybe not always in positive circumstances (my mom and dad used to call us the “Bickersons” – an old couple that bickers a lot) but she’s always been a constant in my life. As we got older and I moved an hour away from home, we became unbelievably close and I am so thankful for that. She’s my best friend, cheerleader, counselor, critic (in a good way), and a wonderful example of a mother to my little nephews.

One of my favorite memories of us when we were younger was our “Dance Parties.” I used to own a Planetarium (for kids) and when you took all of the constellation patterns off the top, it became a giant sky with tons of stars instead. So on a Friday or Saturday night, you could find us upstairs in our bedroom having a Dance Party. One of us would stand on the bed holding the Planetarium over our heads pointed down at the ground so it was a big disco floor, while the other was dancing like crazy to “Space Jam,” “Jock Jams” (volume 1), “S Club 7,” “NSYNC,” “Backstreet Boys,” and so many other lovely CDs or cassette tapes (yes, we made mixed tapes off the radio – our children will never experience that wonder). My sister has now passed on this lovely tradition to my nephews – when I last visited, my nephew Adam showed me his dance floor (a cardboard box made flat) and Toni played Backstreet Boys for him and I was able to see his lovely moves. Someday he will be getting a Planetarium to really kick up his Dance Party. :)

Anyways, I just love my sister and I couldn’t help but brag about her. :) Happy Tuesday, friends. :)

  1. Toni Dupey says:

    Aw, nice blog ;) I love you, Nikki!

  2. mom says:

    print it for me!