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So Grown Up

It is an official holiday in the Tran house; Rusty turns 1 today!! To clarify, we did not get Rusty a year ago (that would be May 26th…not like I mark it on the calendar or anything – that will be ANOTHER holiday for us). I’m hoping he realizes it is a special day today…perhaps getting 5 carrots before 3pm is a hint? Yes, my little love LOVES carrots. Any time I go into the kitchen he perks his head up and waits to see if I open the fridge. If I do, he will come down the stairs halfway waiting to hear the baggy open. When he hears the first crinkle from the bag he bolts down the stairs and shows me he is fully capable of jumping 5 feet in the air. But, he is still a gentlemen and will calmly sit down when he realizes there is a carrot in my hand and wait for me to give it to him.

So far today Rusty has had an abundance of carrots and has gone on a road trip with me to Subway for lunch (they give dog treats :)). We enjoyed the country drive by having the windows down and the heat on full blast (I understand that this does not make sense but we both love the fresh air and love staying warm) while listening to some Rascal Flatts. When we got home we took a little walk to the mailbox (yes, Paul, I got the mail already) and he decided he wanted to play in the puddles for a little bit. Since lunch he has been enjoying his birthday by chewing on his too-big-of-a-bone, chasing imaginary things in the backyard, and sporadically napping on my lap and laptop. When he wakes up in a little bit, we’ll be going for another walk and then heading to Petco (where the pets go) to mingle with fellow animals and pick out a new toy. :) Perhaps they have dog birthday treats! Momma spoils him…

Anyways, since it’s his birthday, I am obviously going to be sharing photos of him – these ones are from the other day when Daddy decided he needed a bath. Check out the last one – he is just a peanut!

Doesn’t Paul look spiffy in his new glasses??

We let him out of the towel and he turns into a spaz.

 If you look closely you can see all the water spraying everywhere…

I know he looks a little creepy but I love this one! (The white ball on his head is just sun glare…)

When he’s finished tearing up the house he likes to warm up by the heater and then fall asleep. What a rough life.

This was taken only 2 days after we got him! He can’t even fit into that bed anymore! He’s so grown up already…:(

I know I post a lot about Rusty but I can’t help it. If it helps, I’ll probably be ten times worse when we have kids….just kidding! Kind of…

Happy Friday!!

  1. Dana says:

    how funny! i love it! proud daddy paul, wrapping him up! and the one by the heater!!! LOVE IT!

  2. cassie says:

    too freaking cute! aww. I wanna spend my birthday with you, you really know how to throw a party :)