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Soul Searching

Alright, so I’m digging a little deep today. I’m going to talk about some real soulful stuff. Like my soul. And things that make my soul get butterflies.

I got the idea from my lovely cousin, Ashley, when she posted a similar post on her blog last week. She’s an editor and can pretty much relate any topic to writing – she’s pretty amazing. Anyways, she talked about things that inspire her and make her feel as if everything is right in the world; things that are a part of her soul. I love reading things like that and she inspired me to do the same on my blog (hence the ever serious face at the top of this post – I hate doing self-portraits, especially serious ones, but since I’m soul searching I might as well get out of my comfortable little box). I am a little anxious with sharing things that will describe my soul. My cousin has such a lovely way with words that I’m not sure if what I’m writing gives anyone inspiration to think of what their soul is made of, but we’ll give it a try.

My soul is made of:

~Love stories. Old love stories; new love stories; love stories found in books or told from generation to generation; real or imaginary.

~Fairy tales. There’s a little piece of me that deep down believes they are all true; Cinderella really did lose her shoe and she really did live happily ever after.

~Christmas. Everything from the magic of Santa to the true story behind it all.

~Paul’s smile. I hate to get all mushy but it still makes me weak at the knees and let’s face it, he’s my soul mate.

~My family. I have a little piece of each one of their souls in mine.

~The sounds of baseball.

~Book stores and all the wonders they hold.

~A cup of hot cocoa.

~Instrumental music (which is what I’m listening to now to get my brain ready to soul search).

~Suitcases and plane tickets that take us to the unknown.

~The stars. I could watch them forever. I love how small they make me feel, reminding me that there’s someone much bigger out there.

~Sunsets. Colorful, sky-spread sunsets.

~The ocean. Its secrets, animals, and how amazingly vast it is.

Okay, I’m thinking I’ve covered some of the big ones. Just like others I’m sure, I have a Pinterest Board specifically for this type of inspiration. It’s filled with love quotes, dreamy places, or just things that give my soul butterflies.

And because I can’t think of a more lovely thing to end my post with, I’m going to quote my dearest cousin:

“Think of a time when you closed your eyes, took a deep breath, and knew you were home. Recognize the small things that make up your soul. Surround yourself with them. Pay homage to them, and let them speak through you. They are your inspiration.”

Love her and her wisdom. Have a wonderful weekend, friends, and thanks for letting me share some of my soul with you. :)

  1. cassie says:

    Didnt know it was possible but I love you even more everytime I read your blog friend!

  2. Well don’t I feel honored! Thanks lovely! I love that fairy tales are on your list—I can’t believe I forgot to include them on mine. Also, I like your serious face :)