I'm Nikki, a creative old soul who loves tea time, tip-toeing through gardens, mounds of books, swaying to records, watercolors, sunset walks with Rusty, and star-gazing with Paul. This blog carries snippets of my life with just us two (three with Rusty) - I hope it brings you happiness as you snuggle in with your cup of tea and begin reading. Enjoy, friends!

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If I had to choose:

Starting Something New

Three years ago, give or take a few days, I created my business Facebook page and my blog. It was exhilarating, terrifying, rewarding, and to be honest, quite nerve-wracking. I was vulnerable. I was putting a piece of myself out on the internet, a piece I was terrified to show. What if people didn’t want to “like” my page? What if NOBODY liked a photo I posted? What if PEOPLE MADE FUN OF MY PHOTOS?? What if I wasn’t good enough? What if my new business tanked and everybody would know about it because it’s on the internet and EVERYBODY KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYBODY on the internet? What if people didn’t take me seriously?

Trust me, I could go on and on and on and on…

Can anybody relate to this?? Chances are, if you have done anything you’re remotely proud of and showcased it to anybody, you’ve felt this way. Maybe not every scenario I listed went through your head, but for the most part, it made you vulnerable, nervous, excited, etc. And you probably doubted yourself.

What’s my point for bringing all these horrible feelings up?? To tell you you’re not alone. I STILL feel that way when I post a photo or a blog post. Maybe not as crazy as I used to, but trust me, there are plenty of doubts going through my head. Just recently I’ve been working harder than ever at my newest part of my photography business, Photoshop Actions & Tutorials and I feel exactly as I did three years ago – I’m so excited to share my work but so nervous about the fact that I’m being vulnerable again. I’m putting myself out there – I’m letting other people see something I’ve worked so hard on and I’m hoping they enjoy it. And those same questions flood my brain – it can be exhausting.

I’m not here to give you the “5 Magical Tips on How to Get Over Nerves” or “Here’s How NOT To Feel Vulnerable.” I would be a poor example. :) I just want to say, to anybody out there fulfilling a dream and showcasing it to anybody – whether it’s through a Facebook page, a blog, or just to someone you know – be brave. You have a dream for a reason and you shouldn’t let any doubts, no matter how big they may seem, squash all the good things that you feel when you think about your dream. Three years ago I couldn’t have imagined I’d be where I am today. Who knows what this year will hold for you?? Be brave, friends. :) xoxo

PS. The photo above is one of my first cover photos used on my photography Facebook page three years ago. Oh, how so much has changed. :)