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Thankful For | Minnesota Weather

If you live in Minnesota you might be shocked from my title, especially after this year’s “spring.” And a part of me can’t blame you. However, this is the month of Thanksgiving which means it’s a time to think about all of the lovely things I am thankful for. Why not start with something interesting??

I agree that Minnesota weather can be absolutely ridiculous, sometimes even downright mean. Why did we need 7 months of winter this year??? Why were we shoveling huge mounds of snow when at the same time last year we were strolling around in shorts and tank tops?? Because. We live in the joyous state of Minnesota, the winner of unpredictable weather. Although it is fierce, disappointing, and spiteful, it is also a beautiful state. You can’t deny that, no matter what season you are fond of. Yes, you may hate the never-ending snow that awaits you in your driveway or the scorching 100 degree days when you are without air conditioning. But to me, that is what makes this state so exciting. I am one who gets sick of weather way too fast. In the summer I’m excited for winter and snuggling under blankets, and in the winter I’m looking forward to the lakes, fireworks, and bonfires. Thank goodness I live somewhere that can accommodate all of my crazy needs.

I am thankful that although the snow is vast and cold, it is also beautiful, enchanting, and peaceful. And don’t forget, snow means Christmas. :)

I am thankful for the sounds of birds chirping and buds sprouting when the winter has finally come to an end. I am thankful for the rain, thunderstorms, and new life.

I am thankful for the sunshine of summer, the long days, the picnics, the fireworks, and those lovely summer sunsets.

I am thankful for the ending of summer and the beginning of a new year. I am thankful for the crisp days, the bonfires, the striking colors, and of course, pumpkin patches.

So, the next time you’re staring out your window and you see something you don’t like, remember that it changes! Your favorite season will be here before you know it. So snuggle in your cozy chair with some cocoa and enjoy the next months of Minnesota’s beautiful, enchanting winter. :) Have a lovely weekend, friends!!

  1. mom says:

    Aaahhh, like mother, like daughter!! :)