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The Fear of Failing

This blog post is a tad late today because I’ve been, for lack of better word, failing.

I took on a summer teaching job because a. I still love teaching and b. extra income is always welcome. However, I decided to take on teaching a sewing class. My background in sewing is somewhat minimal. I took the basic sewing class as a freshmen in high school and since then the closest I’ve come to sewing has been watching my mom sew curtains or trying to hem my wedding dress slip years ago. So yes, my background in sewing is minimal. When I tell people that this is my summer’s assignment their reaction is not surprising – “What?! You’re teaching sewing?? Omigoodness” – therefore making me more nervous about my decision to teach the class. Let me tell you right now that I am a perfectionist. In a horrible way. I hate failing at something, so up until now I’ve been having nightmares about sewing class and how miserable it might be if I’m not the absolute best at sewing and how I’ll ruin the children’s lives and how the parents will hate me and complain about me and how the class will be an absolute disaster. So what could I do now that I’ve accepted the job?

Jump. Right. In.

And that’s exactly what I did today. I received the projects, patterns, supplies, etc. and I’ve had the sewing machine running all day. I did the best I could and guess what? I now have a tank top, hair scrunchie, and headband – not in the best shape but they’re mine. I made them. And I might even wear them (not the tank top – definitely not made for adult women :) ).  Did my projects turn out perfect? Omigoodness no. Not at all. Am I proud of them? Honestly, I could be prouder – the inner perfectionist still cringes at the uneven hem lines, but yes, I am still a tad proud. Am I afraid of teaching the class? Not so much anymore. And that makes me happier than ever.

What does this have to do with anything photography? DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL. Don’t be afraid to have over exposed photos or under exposed photos. Don’t be afraid to try a pose and figure out it looks like crap. Don’t be afraid to try a new editing style.  Don’t be afraid to style a shoot. Don’t be afraid to change your branding. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, attend workshops, learn from mentors. Don’t be afraid to enter photos in contests. Don’t be afraid to show off your work. Don’t let the fear of failing cripple you from things you want to try.

Just do it. Jump right in. (That picture up top of my little nephew? That’s one of my firsts. Thank goodness I didn’t stop trying because I was afraid to fail. :))