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The Finer Things In Life | Mad Hatter Tea Room

As most of you already know, I have an abundance of the sweetest nephews I could ever ask for. Those boys steal NeeNee’s heart on a daily basis,  but there is one thing they just don’t really provide for me – girly things and girl talk. :) That is where my nieces come in. Meet Emily and Gabby, two of the sweetest girls in the world (I didn’t bring my camera with me this weekend so all I have are cell phone photos…).

Yes, I took them to a tea party!! How could I not?? I bought Emily (on the right) her first “tea set” – it is a miniature tin tea set – for Christmas. Omigoodness, she loved it and started having tea parties immediately. Every time she visited she asked me to make her my tea. Girls her age hardly have any use for a miniature tea set if they’re having actual tea, so I bought her a teapot and teacup set for one. The teapot is small and it sits right on top of the teacup and saucer until you use it – super cute and appropriate for little ladies (you can get them at HomeGoods – that’s where I find mine). And of course, I vowed to take her to a tearoom someday. Well, the day came and us three girls headed out to Anoka to the Mad Hatter Tearoom for a morning filled with all the delightful things tea parties have to offer. Gabby and Emily even matched outfits (you can’t see it from the photos but they’re both wearing the same black and white striped skirt – too cute!). We sang Disney princess songs, pointed our pinky fingers out, used the cute tongs to fetch sugar cubes from the bowl, put our napkins on our laps, ate flowers, got giddy at the adorable bathroom decorations (we’re girls, we appreciate fancy bathrooms) and at the end, the girls even bought themselves their very own teapots (I bought a Tea Time magazine and a tea party book…). My goodness. :)

My dessert – Berry Shortcake.

Aren’t those desserts (and Gabby) adorable??

Emily and her fruit dish.

Gabby and her sprinkled peanut butter & jelly sandwich – who knew you can add sprinkles on a pb&j?

And this Saturday I’m going to another tea (in a garden!!) with my dearest mother, sister, and Nana! Life is just grand when there’s tea parties to enjoy. :) Have a wonderful day, friends!! xoxo

  1. Nana says:

    How sweet..I wish I had a auntie like you when I was growing up..love you..

  2. Mom says:

    You’re a wonderfully fun Auntie!