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Photographing Bridal Details

Brides, you’ve put a lot of work into planning your wedding. You’ve picked out beautiful coordinating colors, stunning jewelry, perfect stationary, fabulous shoes, and of course THE dress. And it’s only right that your hard work should be documented on your wedding day, right?? Right!! However, in order to get those lovely detail shots, there are some things you can do to help out your wonderful photographer. :)

When I meet with my brides and grooms, I typically will recommend 1-hour set aside for getting ready photos and detail photos – sometimes this is possible and sometimes it’s not. You just have to work with what you have. That being said, as soon as I arrive to the place where the bride is getting ready I start collecting the details. Unfortunately this can be harder than it sounds. Sometimes people aren’t prepared, they’re running late, their mom/sister/brother/groom’s mom has the jewelry, etc. So the details aren’t always able to be photographed. Here are some tips to make your photographer’s job a tad easier if you really want those lovely detail shots. :)

Have your wedding dress out of it’s bag or at least hanging out in the open. Make sure it’s already hanging on the hanger you want in the photos. Make sure it arrives at the same time you do. Have the tags already cut off. These sound silly, but trust me, all of these have happened.

Have your jewelry all together in one box. Have the tags removed. Have it near your dress. Just having all of the jewelry in one place saves time. There have been many times when the earrings are somewhere in someone’s bag but the bracelet and necklace are on hand…having it in one place will save everyone time. Also, most of the time the best man will have the rings – if this happens, I usually wait until later to do ring photos. But if you want them done right away, have them with you.

Have your shoes ready with tags off and near your dress. If it’s in its box or out of its box, doesn’t matter to me. Having them in a box helps if I need to bring other details somewhere other than the room you’re getting ready in because of lighting, room, etc. However, make sure any unwanted tags/stickers are removed – they will show up in photos and it saves me time in Photoshop if they’re all removed prior to photos. :)

If I don’t already have a wedding invitation, bring all the stationary used for your guests and have it ready near your dress. This includes invitations, envelopes (addressed or not), RSVP cards, programs, directions, even wedding shower invites (if they go with the color scheme). I use stationary for backdrops for jewelry and it looks just wonderful. :)

If possible, have a bridesmaid leave her dress for the photographer to use. I will typically use the bridesmaids dresses for backdrops for the details, also. It helps bring together the colors, especially if nothing in the room has any of your wedding colors.

Feel free to have any other details ready to go: perfume, veil, a brooch, garter, hankie, etc.

Remember to trust your photographer – if they think that the lighting in the room where you’re getting ready won’t do your details justice, trust them to find a different spot, even if it’s outside (weather permitting, of course :)). :) I hope this helped brides!! :) Happy Wednesday!! xoxo