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Using the Extra Time | Family Photos

Like I’ve said before, I’m learning new things and seeing new things at every wedding we shoot. And there have been so many good ideas that I’ve seen my brides and grooms come up with that I thought I should probably share them to the rest of you lovely brides and grooms out there! :)

This past weekend Meghan & Rob had a beautiful, classic wedding – bow ties, lace, old books, a trolley, a library…I shan’t go on because you will see it on Friday, but there was one thing about their wedding that I thought I’d share today.

When we were going over their final timeline a few weeks ago, they wanted to add something that I haven’t had done at a wedding yet; extra family time. Usually when we finalize a timeline with any bride and groom there’s a set time set aside for family formals. They’re usually done in the church or ceremony site and it’s usually reserved for immediate family members – mom, dad, siblings, etc. However, Rob & Meghan have a lot of close family members and so they decided to set aside a half hour specifically for other family members. So, here is what their timeline looked like:

1:45pm – Formals

2:30pm – Ceremony

3:25pm – Trolley Ride/Photos with Bridal Party

4:30pm – Extended Family Formals

5:00pm – Arrive at cocktail hour

Once we finished the bridal party and the bride & groom portraits, we arrived back at the reception site where the guests were already beginning to enjoy cocktail hour. Meghan & Rob had already let family members know that if they wanted photos with them, to be outside; that half hour was specifically designed just for that purpose. Paul and I stayed outside with the bride and groom, had family members come up asking for photos, and we were able to get photos that, to be honest, aren’t usually possible at most weddings. Sure, the half hour with family cuts back on the bar-hopping/partying, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to get those photos of your family/friends that you probably wouldn’t get otherwise. I wish I would have thought of this idea.  I would have loved to have had photos of me and my aunts. Or me and my entire extended family. Or me and my cousins.

So anyways, a little food for thought my lovely brides. If this is something you would love to have, you know I’m always available to chat. :) Enjoy this lovely Monday, friends!! :) xoxo

  1. This is such a good idea! Darn right you could’ve used more photos with your cousins ;)