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What Thanksgiving Looks Like

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone, Charlie Brown. And it was lovely as usual.

I love how my family celebrates the holidays. It’s not just an ordinary day to us – it’s a celebration!! We look forward to busting out the nice dishes, the colorful decorations, the champagne, and the extravagant dishes. We look forward to being with each other year after year after year. We look forward to the traditions of Thanksgiving Day; watching Ma (and Dad if he’s not working) finishing up the last touches on the gravy, turkey, green bean casserole, cranberries, potatoes, and sweet potato casserole; putting the amazing looking food in Ma’s beautiful dishes; filling everyone’s drinks up before prayer; eating and laughing together; washing and drying the dishes with Ma (the boys sit and rest their bellies); and bringing out the dessert while Dad hands out the Black Friday ads. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to fully appreciate the way my family is – our morals, traditions, and just the way we treat each other. I am so very thankful for my family.

My mom makes these banners. I know! How cute are they?!

Just me…photographing me…

I love my Ma.

My beautiful sister. :)

Paul and his new momma.

Yay! Daddy’s home from work!!

Chase loves his grandpapa.

My lovely brother, Andy. No matter how many photos I take I can never get one of these two on the same page.

We have such an amazing dad.

Ma and Dad’s Thanksgiving dinner is always amazing.

I am one lucky gal…:)

My family minus my brother’s family – missed you as always!!

Out come the Black Friday ads…

…and the pumpkin pies. I found the recipe on Pinterest :)

Yes. My mom put mouse stickers on her wall. :)

I love their front porch.


And that’s all folks! Happy Friday!! :)

  1. mom says:

    I had fun reliving that day, thanks. love you