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Closing on Our Home | A New Adventure

Nikki Tran Garden | Nikki Tran Blog | www.nikkitranphotography.comHello dear friends. Some relaxing music before we start? Yes, let’s.

I feel as if this conversation has consumed my entire being for the last few months, so I’m hoping this will be the last big chat about it on my blog – hopefully you’re not too sick of hearing about it. (I feel so melodramatic about the subject, but what can I say?)

Our first home will be officially sold tomorrow. Paul and I pre-signed on Monday, the new owner is officially signing tomorrow afternoon. It’s hard to believe it’s actually happening!

We had a wonderful good-bye, however. On Sunday, after watching Rusty’s best friend for the weekend (he was so thrilled!), we drove him and his things back to his house since it’s right across the street from our lovely old home. I punched in their garage code, left Harley inside the house with all his goodies, shut the garage door, and walked across the street to our home one last time.

Paul and I cleaned out the rest of the house – there wasn’t much left except a few odds and ends. The curtains had been shut for a few weeks so I opened them to dark, moody clouds over the lake, let the windows open to breathe life into her…gave her a little last bit of love. Our best friend/neighbor Kraig came over (walked in just like on Seinfield like he always has done) to help Paul move some heavy things from the house, and while they were taking care of that important stuff, I had other important things on my mind.

Out the dining room doors I went, onto the deck, breathed in a big cold breath of fresh air, and walked towards the garden. My lavender was doing so well – boldly purple and smelling like Heaven; the roses were still springing tiny bushels of sweet-smelling buds; the hydrangeas were already turning its dark and moody color for the winter; the apples were ripe and bright red hanging from the tree; and the vegetable garden was still somehow flourishing – no consistent water and no love in a few weeks, you’d think it would stop producing? It had just rained but I opened the gate and walked through the mud anyways. The bell peppers were enormous and turning red (of course I picked a few, wouldn’t you?), the jalapenos were also bright red, and the basil…oh that delicious basil. I couldn’t be greedy – I have a basil plant in my kitchen so it can always smell like summer. I picked things here and there, dodged a few dropping apples, and made my way through the rest of the yard, watching the lake move angrily about. Winds in the East and such…

After all the work was done in the house – I went back in to help vacuum and clean some last minute things – Paul asked if I wanted to walk through one last time. Of course – why else have their been tears on the brims of my eyes this entire time? Time to let it all out!

So we walked through each room, me touching the walls and making sure everything looked just right for the new owner, trying to remember this house’s every little detail. Out to the yard we went, our favorite part about this house. We walked along the stone path to the swing – something we would do a lot, especially on those over-stressful days at work or in life – and took our spots to enjoy the lake. We didn’t say much, I was too busy sniffling and wiping my eyes. But we sat there taking in all the sounds and smells of this little corner of Heaven (to us it really was), knowing that the next time we see it, it’ll be from afar while visiting Kraig or Bruce and Traci. What an odd thing to think of! Someone else living here? Goodness, I hope he keeps the roses.

As we made our way back inside, we stopped at the garden – Paul grabbed a red jalapeno for us to try (hot, hot, hot) and I clipped a rose from each rosebush to hang and dry at our new home.

Sentimental? Me? No way.

We said one last good-bye to the inside of our first home and pulled the screen door behind us for the last time. My heart may have actually broken a tiny bit at that moment.

Paul had us take a picture outside in the front yard (as you can see above my eyeballs are a little red and shiny) and then we gathered our things and hopped inside the pickup truck.

Nikki Tran Garden | Nikki Tran Blog | www.nikkitranphotography.comAnd now here we are, picking up where we left off; a home-cooked meal here and there with the sound of records finishing, long walks through the quiet neighborhoods (the best for trick-or-treating), and the deliciously slow, hot, bubble baths with a glass of wine in hand. Life’s little treasures, right? We’re having an impromptu family party this weekend – I absolutely can’t wait. It’s time to fill this old (new) house with a lot of love and “Dear Diary” moments.

Rusty is pawing at me to go to bed now – who needs a clock around here? Jammies are already on, the heat is set so the mornings aren’t so chilly and feeling like winter, Paul’s getting us glasses of water, and there’s a lovely book about Walt Disney waiting for me on my nightstand.

Cheers to you, dear friends, and to the (almost) weekend! xoxo