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If I had to choose:

Alaska | Hatcher Pass & Talkeetna

Day 3 was not as eventful so we’re skipping to Day 4. :)

This was the part of our trip that I was looking forward to the most. The point of this vacation was to explore. And we did. A lot.

We started the day by driving away from Anchorage and up into Wasilla, Hatcher Pass, and finally into Talkeetna, the next closest place to Denali. We didn’t have a time limit or a schedule so we just enjoyed driving along on the highway with mountains surrounding us every way we looked. If we saw a pretty spot off the highway, we’d stop and enjoy it. Do you ever get that feeling where you feel like you are completely living in the moment?? That was exactly how the entire day was – we weren’t thinking about emails from work, or projects we needed to get done at home – we were just enjoying our day.

Enjoy some of my favorites from our lovely day – sorry about all of the photos of Paul and I! We haven’t really had any photos of us taken since our wedding so I took advantage of that tripod and gorgeous scenery. :) (Another thanks to Tracey for recommending all of these gorgeous locations!! :))


One of my favorites – I love how big the mountains look compared to our tiny car…

Those Moose crossing signs were so exciting to me – but we never saw one. :(

We stayed at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge – AMAZING – probably the best part of the trip. (If you go to their website you can see a live view of Mt. McKinley)

Denali – “The High One.” Such an amazing view from our dinner at the lodge!

We took a nature walk to explore some more…

Love, love, love this amazing place.

That’s all folks – I miss Talkeetna already! More of our trip will be on the blog tomorrow! :)