I'm Nikki, a creative old soul who loves tea time, tip-toeing through gardens, mounds of books, swaying to records, watercolors, sunset walks with our three yorkies, and star-gazing with Paul. This blog carries snippets of my life with just us two (five with Rusty, Lucy, & Ethel) - I hope it brings you happiness as you snuggle in with something warm and delicious and begin reading. Enjoy, friends!

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If I had to choose:

Being a Creative

The other week I was at my cousin’s house, eating Panera, playing with my little love of a niece, and chatting about our entrepreneurial life when I finally realized that I’m a Creative. You know those quizzes you can take that will tell you what you should be when you “grow up”? Well, I don’t remember Creative being on those lists, but it’s true – it’s an actual job and I am so lucky to be able to say that it is my job! I think I always knew I would be a Creative; I spent lots of my time growing up playing the piano, writing, reading, drawing (I used to put my mom’s Beatles records on and just draw for hours and hours). My dream as a child was to paint and to become a writer, and that still hasn’t changed. I’m still hoping (and dreaming, of course) that it will happen one day. So when I’m not working, I’m putting my creativity to the test. I’m trying new things, failing a lot, improving (those are always good days :)), giving up (those are the worst days), thinking of new ideas (I now keep a little notepad with me for those random bursts of ideas), and I’m hoping that the things I do keep getting me closer to my dreams. I read somewhere (and for the life of me I can’t remember where) that even when you feel like you’re simply not getting anywhere with anything, or when you feel like you’re just grasping at straws without anything solid to cling to, that’s still part of the process of creativity. I love that, don’t you? It gives me hope on those dreary-nothing-is-happening-where-has-all-my-creativity-gone days.

The golden hour and dusk are my peak creative times, I just know it. Just this past week I took my paints out on the deck to watch the sun go down and I painted the little page on the right. My heart was full. >>>

I take my diary outside on the lawn at sunset. I bring a blanket, perhaps some wine (all good creativity needs a little boost every now and then, right?), and I write. I write nonsense, I write about daily things, I write about my feelings, whatever comes in my head.

I take a trip to the local nursery and envision my garden with little illustrations in my head. I read gardening magazines and other delightful magazines or books that have kindred-spirit-type-things. Inspiration can be anywhere.

I take a time-out from life, shut the world out, and cocoon myself in the kitchen for a glorious hour or two of baking or cooking. Just me, my thoughts, and Dean and Frank serenading me in the background.

I sit outside with Paul under the stars. And when a good song comes on Pandora, I’m sometimes lucky enough to get twirled by moonlight. ? What could be more inspiring than that?

All of these things help fill up my creative cup. Look for the things that give you joy and content – they may be your ticket to creativity. :)