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Christmas in July

When we were little, my mom got us started on this lovely holiday; we call it “Christmas in July” or “Half Christmas”. She was sick of summer once July came and pulled out old Christmas cartoons and we enjoyed the day hanging out with our mom and dreaming of Santa and his little reindeer.

Although today is not exactly “Half-Christmas”, I decided to celebrate Christmas in July anyways! I turned the air conditioner up (sorry Paul!), closed all the blinds and curtains, dug out my table-top Christmas tree, put on a sweater, and said “Merry Christmas!” to my cousin as she walked through the door. We brought out the Pizzelle maker, all of the lovely ingredients, and got to work making a batch of our favorite Christmas cookies while Bing, Perry, and Andy played in the background (to my family – they turned out WONDERFUL!).

I know some (or most) of you probably want to throw something at your computer while reading this and yell at me because it’s still summer. I can’t help it though! Once the 4th of July is over I just want the State Fair to come, and then give me some 50 and 60 degree weather with some cozy sweaters and cocoa! So to those who are not hating me right now, Merry Half Christmas to you! :)

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  2. mom says:

    I’m proud of you continuing the tradition. BTW, the cookies look good!!!

  3. Well aren’t you just a quick little blogger! We’re so cute :) Thanks for having me over for half Christmas! I’ve already broken into my stash of pizzelles . . .