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In the Garden | Part I

For the past year or so, Paul and I have been yearning for a much simpler life. It’s what we talk about when creating our five year plan, our goals, our dreams, etc. Even our everyday day-to-day activities. I’m trying to think of exactly how to phrase what we do or try to do, but all I can think of is that we ask ourselves what can we do to be more in tune with life. To give you an idea, I get a thrill when I read Laura Ingalls Wilder books and see how they literally made their life. They made their house, their food, their living, etc. I absolutely love that idea and I know quite a few people are trying to do things like that as well. There’s so many Pinterest ideas on how to make your own everything – lotion, blankets, furniture, ingredients for food, etc. And I really think that’s great! Instead of buying an already made cake at the grocery store, make it from ingredients in your cupboard. And instead of buying an expensive throw, learn how to knit or crochet and make your own (something I would love to do someday). You can even make your own beer! Paul just started doing this a couple months ago and he absolutely loves it. He’s creating something for himself to use – there’s power in that. We’ve also been trying for the last three years to grow and maintain our own vegetable garden – every year I’ve had an excuse as to why it died (laziness being the main reason) but not this year. I am determined to have my own home-grown veggies on our dinner table. And with even more determination, I’ll have them canned for the lonely winter months. To add some extra thrill to gardening, I’ve added a tiny herb garden! It’s nothing too fancy, just a few herbs I use on a regular basis and it sits on my patio, close to my dining room doors for easy access. And instead of buying already made, rather expensive, planters at the nurseries, we made our own this year! We kept the empty planters from last year and just filled them with potting soil, arranged six annuals in a somewhat symmetrical design into each planter, and whala! We couldn’t be happier – they are just flourishing!

Maybe it’s just me, but you really can’t tell they weren’t bought already like this! I love it!

We also got these hanging baskets from Mom and Dad a couple years ago and we finally decided to fill them ourselves. I can’t believe how much they are overflowing!

We had a couple leftover annuals so we just used these old citronella candles we got as a gift (thanks Angie!! :)). We dug out the wax, cut holes in the bottom, and we got our own little planters!

And since I was out and about in the garden last night after the storms had passed, I figured I would check up on our little serviceberry tree (we named it Wilbur) and the rest of the garden. I didn’t even notice the fly dangling until I opened this up in Photoshop! How cool!

These were all taken with my 100 2.8mm macro lens by the way – I wanted some more detailed photos of the flowers.

I am the proud owner of a rosebush! I’m so excited! Now that I have a rosebush (Blanc Double de Coubert) and it’s actually growing (that bud there just full bloomed today – happy dance!), I feel like I can do anything. :) And then of course there’s one of our three Miss Kim Lilac Bush (it’s Korean and I never knew! When we were in NY last week my sister-in-law told me because she has the same one! Who knew?!). This lovely has been supplying me with the most beautiful and fragrant vases for the past two weeks – I’m in love.

A rose by any other name…:)

Really friends, creating something for you is the most wonderful feeling, whether it’s knitting scarves, baking your own bread, building your own furniture, growing a garden, creating your own art – it’s yours and you made it. How wonderful is that?? :)

Alrighty, I started this post at 9am and it’s now 5pm (I’ve been shopping for our garden – I just can’t be controlled!!) – the man friend just got home and it’s time for dinner. Until next time, friends!! :) xoxo

  1. Nana says:

    Your flower garden is beautiful..Love your rose…