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Winter Blues

Well, it’s here. It happens every year at right about this time. It happens to a lot of people, especially Minnesotans. I like to call it the “Winter Blues.” It’s when winter has done its duty for the holidays and it’s now time for it to go away, and I start becoming impatient waiting for spring and summer. I wake up, look out the window, see white and grey, and then go back to bed or just shut the blinds. I start to watch baseball movies, eat sunflower seeds, look longingly at my summer and spring clothes in the closet, and reminisce of long summer evenings  with bonfires and barbeques. I wait anxiously to hear if the groundhog didn’t see his shadow and if he does, I crawl back into bed. I’m sure you’ve all felt that way at one time or another, unless you are like my cousin and relish in cold weather and short days.

I’ve noticed that I’ve been feeling this way more frequently lately and unfortunately, it affects my mood. I don’t want to leave the house, even to go to the post office down the road. I tend to stay in my pajamas all day (until Paul gets home), and I have limited motivation to do anything. I HATE that feeling. By the end of the day I think to myself, “Okay, Self, what have you accomplished today?” and Self replies with, “Nothing.” It’s pitiful. You’re probably remembering days when you have felt like this and when you do, you just want to stay in bed all day and wait for bluebirds to sing and the sun to shine. But, it’s just too bad for us folks who live in the northern part of the world. How do we deal with the “Winter Blues?”

Here is what I’ve decided works for me. Like I said, I bust out the baseball movies (Field of Dreams is always on the top of that list, along with Rookie of the Year and Minnesota’s Little Big League) and stock up on sunflower seeds (Paul and I have to label our bags otherwise Paul sneaks into mine when he’s finished his). I watch movies that revolve around summer, such as Gidget, Now & Then, The Notebook (it’s not all about summer but do I really need to give a reason for watching it?), and of course The Sandlot (which also coincides with my baseball movies). I blast Frank Sinatra & Dean on Pandora because I just can’t get enough of them – they have nothing to do with summer but they make me feel good and isn’t that what getting out of the “Winter Blues” is all about? When my mood has slightly turned around, I just keep going. I find a recipe I haven’t tried yet, head on over to the grocery store, buy the ingredients and a little “treat” for Paul and I (it’s usually chocolate), and get back home. I don’t always wear my apron when I’m cooking so when I do, you know I’m in a good – “go get ’em” – mood. By the time Paul gets home from work, Pandora has figured out which Frank and Dean songs I love, wine is poured, the stove top is on and food is sizzling. In less than one day I’ve managed to release myself from those drat “Winter Blues.” I forget all about the dreary weather outside my kitchen window until the next day when I wake up to grey again…

…so here I am, sitting in my house with the blinds semi-shut and lounging in my pj’s. Paul will be home soon. I think it may be time to turn on Pandora.

  1. Ashley says:

    I get so many honorable mentions on your blog :) With today being especially dreary, I was actually extra productive! Though I am getting sick of needing my space heater every day . . . boo. Leave it to good ol’ Frank and Dean to cheer you up! P.S. I love that jumping wedding photo as the first one that comes up on your slideshow!