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Behind the Scenes | 2015

Hello friends!! It’s already that time of year where I show you the least flattering photos of Paul and I taken throughout our entire wedding season!! Are you excited? I know, me too. :) Although they may be embarrassing, these are my favorite photos and this might be one of my top favorite posts – it just reminds me how lucky I am to do what I do with Paulie! It’s so easy to take a job/career for granted thinking it’s always greener on the other side, and that is when I need to pinch myself and just thank my lucky stars I get to do what I do. I get to be at WEDDINGS. And I get to make people so happy with my job. And, can you believe it? I’m past 50 weddings?? Do you remember (those of you who started out so long ago with me) when I talked about prepping for my first wedding and how incredibly nervous I was?? Or the first time I blogged just to blog? No rhyme or reason, just throwing myself out there to the internet atmosphere. I didn’t even have an office! I worked from the couch. No filing system to think of, no branding, no legit logo…and now not only am I shooting weddings and engagement sessions, I’m actually teaching others!! Who would have thought my teaching degree would come in handy on this road?! :) Yes, yes, I’m becoming nostalgic. So to keep from boring you with other sentiments I’ll just add this little bit and then I shall be done so you can get on to your laughing, cringing, whatever you do when you see awkward photos. :) Thank you SO SO SO much to each and every one of you who have either followed me since the beginning, caught up with me after seeing a wedding, or are just here today for the first time. You all have NO idea how much I appreciate you and your incredible support and kind words. Cheers to you, friends, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! xoxoxo

PS. You’ll sense a theme of us checking our lighting, Paul throwing things in the air, and me looking angry without knowing it. Enjoy. :)


Let’s start out with the worst, right? 

I can hear a British accent describing what Paul’s doing like on some nature show. “Paul is cleverly hiding within the tall grasses, unaware that his partner has captured his image. Let’s watch and see what happens next.”

Oh boy, this was FREEZING! Kortney & Alex were such troopers!

Probably telling one of my awful jokes. 

“This is a nice tree,” said Paul.

Don’t mind me, just in the middle of a first look!

:) He’s just the cutest.

So is he. :) Just tying some shoelaces on the job. :)

Typically I don’t hang out in the middle of an aisle. But the bride’s mom gave me permission. :)

Dancing, most likely. 

Here come the angry faces. 

More angry faces.

He likes to show off. :)

Paul and I have to create our own wind sometimes. 

Love these two!!

Hello, good sir.

Paul in the middle of a romantic “reading letters without seeing each other” moment.

This does NOT look like how you cut a cake.

Beautiful setting!

He’s in the tall grasses again…

Angry face again…I’m really not angry, I promise!

Paul leading the way…

His signature move.

:) :)

Sean serenading me.

Love this lady!! :) xoxo

I do like him.

:) I have this printed. One of my favs. :)

No idea what I’m doing. 

Paul’s one angry face.

Leah’s veil got a lot of attention this day.

I don’t know why, but whenever we’re at a wedding I crave Sprite.

Paul must have taken a good photo. 

Meg!!! My lovely co-shooter since Paul is broken.

Ha! Love Ali’s face and I don’t know what I’m doing. Even Clark made it in! :)

At least Kerby thinks I’m funny. :) Can you see all that confetti in my hair?? Such a fun wedding!

We took a lot of selfies this year…

Find Paul.

Oh this was so dreeeaammmy.

It may look weird but I’m actually taking detail photos. Not just playing around with crystals.

Since there was a long aisle Paul was able to sneak out in the middle. He usually doesn’t photobomb me too badly. :)

HA! :)

More help from Leah’s sister. :)

And then two seconds later he fell off, with a torn ACL, and could barely get up. And I forgot about his leg and yelled at him to get back on. Poor Paul.

Meg in action!

My brides will understand this pose, although I may have over-exaggerated it a bit. Thanks Meg. :) Oh yes. I’m blonde again, thanks to Leigha. :)

Just getting in people’s romantic bubble.

This isn’t my blooper, but I love this one. :)

Adjusting the carriage. :) 

Long-time family friend. :) 

:) :)

Don’t mind me. Just Paul checking his lighting.

Love these two and this gorgeous spot!

Oh hello!

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

He can throw veils, he can hang dresses. He’s perfect.

Just got these two wonderful people’s Thank You card in the mail and this photo (not with me in it) made it on the card! :)

:) :) (I’m getting lazy with my captions and smiley faces substitute just fine.)


Talking instead of working. Unbelievable. ;)

All it needs is a good crop. :)

That’s all, friends!! I hope you enjoyed this last post of 2015!! Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings us! :) Happy New Year!! Be safe, clink champagne glasses, kiss your loved ones, get all dolled up, and ENJOY!!! xoxoxo


  1. Julie says:

    Love this blog!!!

  2. loved seeing all your looks; feels like I know you a little better! brave of you to share!!

  3. Toni Lundahl says:

    Love these behind the seances pictures!

  4. Nana says:

    Love looking at your behind the scenes.Happy New Year..Love you both…