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The Trans Go To Disneyland | 2015

Day 3 of blogging!! It’s a wonderful, minor sort of accomplishment for me. Cheers. :)

Before I begin showing you the wonders of Disneyland, can I just tell you how extremely difficult it is for me to bring my camera on vacation, or anywhere for that matter if I’m not working? My goodness, there is such an internal pressure to make sure I document every little thing that sometimes – and I know this may seem like blasphemy – I wish I didn’t have my camera at all and I wish I didn’t know anything about photography. I wish I just had the good ole’ point & shoot that was my high school graduation gift and I wish I didn’t feel the need to edit every single photo. But I do bring it and I do edit every photo I keep. And unfortunately, that can take away some of the actual enjoyment of the day. Instead of just being and experiencing the beautiful things that happen on vacations or even at family get-togethers, I’m actively looking for things to photograph, or I’m changing lenses, or I’m making Paul or my family/friends wait while I get my lighting and positioning ready. Not so much fun all the time. That is why on Disneyland day and even throughout the rest of our trip (except for Malibu day :)), I did my best to keep my camera inside my bag for most of the day. Instead of using the big bulky camera, I used my cell phone which surprisingly takes beautiful photos – I even printed some of them and they turned out perfect! So friends, the next time you’re out and about, instead of documenting every single thing just to post on Instagram or Facebook for others to see, try to just be. Some of the best times I’ve had with Paul weren’t documented on camera – they’re just in my head (and then written in my diary so I don’t forget ;)), something I need to remember always. :)

And now, shall we turn on some music first? Get the heartstrings strumming?? Yes, let’s. :)

What a sight. My heart was just a-thumping. I was all giddy inside. :) Don’t judge, but I wore blue for Cinderella (even though in the movie her dress is silver – don’t get me started).

And holy moley were we surprised to see that Christmas was already alive in Disneyland! It was only the 13th of November!! But now I can say I saw Disneyland during Christmas. :)

Main Street. My favorite part. :)

Oh those two. They just make my heart melt.


So much blue – so dreamy!

Can you see me among all the others?? Poor Paul had to take so many photos of me. :)

We ate at the Village Haus – part of Pinocchio. :)

Pinocchio is so under-rated. Love that little wooden puppet. :)

My only souvenir from our day. :)

Even It’s A Small World was decked out in Christmas!

By the time it got dark, Paul and I were exhausted even though we were only there for about 5 hours (I know!! I really thought we’d be there until midnight!). The park was SUPER crowded even though it was November on a Thursday. Who comes to Disneyland on a Thursday in November?? Who knows, maybe we’re just getting old. ;)

I truly love this place – maybe next time we go we’ll take some 5-hour energy drinks with us…:) 

Well friends, that was all I took at Disney. I did my best to just be and enjoy the day and the remainder of our trip. There’s only a couple more days to share with you and then California is all done! We’re already planning our next trip and it will be for our 5-year anniversary! Five years?!? Already?! My goodness time flies. But we cannot wait – planning new adventures is one of our favorite things to do (besides paying off student loans) and even though I’ll be wanting to put it away, I know I’ll have my camera out, ready to document as much as I can. :)

  1. Nana says:

    Great pictures.Don’t know if I asked you or not how did Paul like his first trip to Disneyland?Love you more..:-)

  2. Ali Clintsman says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Nikki. I am glad you had such a great time at Disney. :] what a great way to celebrate your anniversary!