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Blue Striped Dresser | Before and After

This poor little space has been neglected for far too long. It’s time I nurtured it with some paint, some DIY’s, and of course, new decor. In between uploading photos, editing photos, organizing finances for tax season, blogging, and house-wife chores, I’ve been working on a tiny project in my office.

It all started about 4 years ago when I went garage saleing with my lovely parents. I found this sad, lonely, little dresser and I knew it just needed a little love (like Charlie Brown’s little Christmas tree).  And for $3, I really just couldn’t say no. So year after year the dresser stayed in my bedroom (later to become our bedroom), doing its meaningless duties of holding our clothes. I knew it was made for bigger and better things but it just wasn’t its time. When we moved into our new home the dresser stayed with us in our bedroom holding my Harry Potter books and my reading lamp…until I found its replacement. Now, where did I send it? To live in my office/junk room. Sadly, I was still not using it as an office – it merely just held our extra possessions that we had yet to store in the basement. And the dresser just sat there. Day after day. It eventually started hosting my printer, some paper, and on occasion a glass of water if I had been working on de-cluttering the office. I know, a sad little life. However, two weeks ago I decided it was time my little friend would be put to better use. It needed a new spirit! It needed to know it mattered! It needed some paint!! Although it’s not completely finished (I’m working on painting the sides and back today and then it shall be officially done!) I couldn’t help but share its new look. Enjoy, friends and happy Friday!!

Look how sad it looked back in the day!

Now look at it!! :) As you can see, the bottom part is not completely finished. When I paint the sides and back I’ll be adding finishing touches on places I missed. 

Got to have the turquoise Brides Magazine on top. :) And also got to have the man friend on display. :)

Also, don’t mind the yellow walls with blue stars. I’ve finally chosen a paint color for my office and that is my next project that I’ll be tackling. :) Here is the sample color – so excited!!

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