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Alaska | Beluga Point

Alrighty folks, this will be my last post about our trip to Alaska so enjoy!!

You may have noticed that there are days that I haven’t shared with you. To be honest, they were not very eventful. We booked our trip through Hotwire and picked a hotel that had the best ratings at a reasonable price, along with our flight and rental car. We got a good deal but we were pretty disappointed with where we ended up staying which was in downtown Anchorage and the reviews of the hotel and area we were in were far from the truth. For those of you who are thinking I’m being a little snooty, trust me on this one. Downtown Anchorage is an okay place to go if you want to go to many, many gift shops and the mall, but staying there a week was much too long for us – we didn’t feel like we were experiencing the true Alaska at all when we were back in Anchorage. We tried to drive out of Anchorage as much as we could and on those days we had a blast. So anyways! That is why there are some days where I didn’t feel the need to blog about. :)

Since we kept wanting to leave Anchorage, we decided to venture out at sunset (which is approximately 10pm there right now) and go on one of the more scenic highways – Seward Highway. It was the highway that we took on the train but we wanted to be able to get out at lookout points while driving our car. We ended up stopping at Beluga Point – a popular place to watch sunsets and sometimes spot whales! No, I didn’t see a whale but I saw quite a lovely sunset (and a rainbow!). :)

Enjoy friends!!


The train…

Can you spot the rainbow on the right?!

I only posted this one so you can see what’s on the other side of the highway – tall cliffs and hills. Gorgeous!

  1. Tara says:

    The first photo is so incredible! I love them all but that one is so powerful.