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Joys of a Small Town

I am so excited to announce that Nikki Tran Photography is officially being featured at the local ice-cream parlor! My canvases are hung up on the walls for customers to enjoy throughout the entire month of February and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Paul and I have loved visiting the Frost & Steam since before we even moved nearby almost 8 months ago. I remember the first time we came here; we were checking out the town before we were to move in our house. It was during the late spring and the town was alive with people walking, rollerblading, biking, sitting on their front porches, and walking to the nearby  movie theater. Paul and I had ventured inside for an ice-cream cone and I fell in love with it instantly. If you don’t already know, I love all things that are old; houses, furniture, books, songs, movies, etc. The Frost & Steam looks as if it were built in the early 1900’s with it’s gorgeous natural woodwork and textured ceilings. The ice-cream was amazing, too! We quickly decided that Zanzibar Chocolate was our favorite. While we waited for our ice-cream cones, I decided to explore the old building. I noticed the different artwork on the walls, the cozy corners of comfy chairs and magazines, locally knitted scarves from Alpaca fur displayed in an old dresser, and a back room with an old gorgeous piano for people to play and enjoy while viewing Lake Waconia from the window. Before we left with our Zanzibar Chocolate ice-cream cones, two young children came in on roller blades and sat up at the bar enjoying complimentary water from an old pitcher sitting on the counter. They rested, drank their water, and went right back out rollerblading down the sidewalk, weaving in and out of leisurely walking people.

It was sunset when Paul and I left the Frost & Steam and so we decided to take our ice-cream cones and walk through the neighborhoods on the shore of Lake Waconia. I enjoyed everything about this walk; the old houses, the lake, the yachts on the lake, the ice-cream, the fact that we were walking on a sidewalk and not the street, and of course spending time with Paul. After our evening stroll, Paul and I drove the two blocks – yes, we could have walked, don’t judge – to the local movie theater. We parked on the street about half a block away, in front of my favorite antique store, and walked the couple steps to the front doors of the theater. It seemed like everyone was in the mood for a movie because it literally felt like the whole town was there! I loved it! People were leaving their front porches and walking from their houses to get in line for the 8 o’clock movie where they greeted old friends who had also just joined the line. When we left the movie, everyone parted ways either walking to their house, to the nearby pub, or to their car for the short drive home. It felt like being a part of an old 1930’s movie and I loved every minute of it. That’s when Paul and I knew we could never move away from this place and we’ve loved calling it home ever since.

Paul and I had just finished hanging up my canvases in the front room.An old-fashioned clock! Love it!They have so many flavors! I loved the colors of these even though I’m a chocolate fan.You can see the door to the back room in this photo, however, I didn’t take a photo of it because there were people back there and I didn’t want to creep them out! Next time!Tea and coffee station.

I thought the duck was pretty cute. How gorgeous is the woodwork?? Someday, Paul, that will be in our house. :)

I can’t wait until summer when I can show you what the town looks like when its alive! I hope you enjoyed these of the Frost & Steam! :)

  1. Toni Lundahl says:

    These are awesome! You need to start charging more for your work. Some of the best photos I have ever seen! Good job honey!

  2. Toni says:

    I am so proud of you. You are doing a great job with your business Nikki. And have I mentioned, excellent writing skills! I love reading your blogs.