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Kitchen Windows Makeover | Before & After

You know you’re getting older when new windows become the highlight of your year.

I can’t tell you how incredibly less stressed we are now that we finally got new windows in the house. When we first moved in, we noticed there was condensation on the windows – didn’t think much of it. Later on, we noticed the wood part of the windows was rotting. A lot. The same was true in all the windows in the kitchen and in both bedrooms upstairs. The kitchen windows above our sink didn’t work because for some reason the screen wasn’t even the right fit. The middle window in the bay window in our kitchen was just a picture window, so there was only airflow coming in through the two tiny crank-out windows. Thankfully, before we moved in, newer windows were put in the living room and basement, but the others just had to go. For the past two years Paul and I have been going back and forth on when to get new windows. There just never seems to be a good time to spend a lot of money on anything – finally earlier this spring we made our decision and gave the handyman a call. He came out, measured, and told us they would be here within 4 weeks. Ahh!! So exciting!

The day finally arrived yesterday – a day we’d been waiting for for 2 years. And the result? It’s bliss. We finally have working windows in the kitchen and the middle window is now not a picture window, which I am soooo thankful for. I spend a lot of time in there and without air flowing in, it gets a little warm. And now our bedrooms look 10 times better! No joke! I won’t show you the office photos yet – I’m waiting until it’s officially done to show befores and afters. :)

So, here’s the befores (I took these last fall and wasn’t focusing on showing the ugly windows, but you can definitely see the yucky, orange, rotting, wood windows)…

Don’t mind the lemon valances still hanging from the previous owners – I hadn’t gotten around to changing them at this time. :)

I couldn’t even open those windows. A wasted two years of washing dishes.

And here are the afters!!

Can you see the beautiful white?? Loveliness. And the cafe curtains match now! :)

I’m looking forward to washing dishes with this lovely companion. :)

Our next step in the kitchen is to paint the cupboards and trim…….white! We cannot wait! We’ve had the cupboard makeover kit from Home Depot sitting in our kitchen for a long time now (we were waiting for warmer weather) and it’s going to happen soon. Then, we’re pretty sure we’re painting the walls a warm brown. I’m using this photo for inspiration from my Pinterest:

Source: At Home in Arkansas

Isn’t it lovely?? I agree. I feel like it’s all coming together. :) Little steps and patience – that seems to be our motto.