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My Green Thumb Journey | Part 1

I’m a little late in blogging today – I’ve had quite a busy day! Doctor appointment, had a lunch date with the man friend, ran some errands, picked up my first watercolor painting supplies – time flies when you’re having fun! :)

So, yesterday when Paul got home from work, I was determined to finally start our gardening. I technically already started the vegetable garden – unfortunately I did that about a month ago…and I already killed everything. Apparently you’re supposed to wait until it’s warm out. Who knew! Ha! (I did know, but I was naive and thought the frost was over with…stupid Minnesota.) I tend to kill a lot of my plants so this year I am, again, determined (that’s the word of the day) to keep my little lovelies alive! Anyways! So Paul got home and I had already been researching different plants and I already talked to my mom (she’s a gardening genius – why has this gene not been passed down to me?!) and I had a rough list of what I was planning on planting. This year I am just focusing on the small front yard garden underneath the kitchen window. I thought I could be super gardener and make the backyard into an oasis too, but I quickly gave up on that notion. I just want grass. Lots of grass. Gardening is super frustrating for me – I’m getting frustrated just typing this because I literally have no idea what I’m doing! I don’t know what types of plants go well with others! I don’t know where they should be positioned! I don’t understand all the different types of soil! Why do they all have to bloom at different times?? Why can’t they all be pretty through spring, summer, and fall?? And WHY did they not teach us this stuff in high school?? You failed me, school. You failed me.

I’m rambling. Let me continue my journey. Paul’s home. We got in the car and head over to Fleet Farm with a patchy list of things I may or may not even buy. Aye carumba. When we got there and started finding what perennials we want while trying to picture them in our garden even though we had no clue what it would all look like when it’s put together, I started to understand why people love gardening. There are so many pretty colors!! It’s like designing in Photoshop, except if I fail I kill everything and lose my money. Boo. After we picked out our perennials, Paul let me run loose with the annuals and soon I had a rough garden plan in our big wagon of a cart.

Creating the garden was actually not too scary. We placed all of the buckets on the spots where we thought it would look nice and then Paul dug the holes. I poured in the good soil and after awhile, we finally had our first garden planted. The only problem I have with it is the way it was left by the previous owners. There’s tarp underneath the dirt, and then on top of the tarp is rock (I hate rock), and then on top of the rock is mulch. What?! Why is it so confusing and difficult?! So when you look at my photos, please do not judge me too harshly on how not lovely and not put together it looks. I’m going to be finding out that gardening is going to be lifelong process – my mom still is learning and she’s been gardening for years. This year is our really big experiment year and I’m okay with that. Maybe next year we’ll decide to get rid of all the mulch or all the rock. Or maybe we’ll figure out we’d rather have green bushes instead of flowers. Or maybe we’ll make the garden bigger. Maybe we’ll add a couple of chairs. Who knows? Anyways, enjoy our little garden and don’t mind the non-complete look of it all. :) We’re actually pretty proud of it. :) Although, I may have done this completely wrong – we’ll find out. I told my mom (once she sees these photos) to call me and let me know if I’m already murdering the flowers with how they’re positioned or whatever. And if you’re a garden expert, feel free to send me tips or some of your favorite flowers/garden plans. :)

These little lovelies are my favorites! We used to have them at my parents’ old house and I just adore them

The twiggy lovely on the left is our new hydrangeas! We planted one last year and we thought it died but when we got home last night we found green sprouting from it!! So now we have TWO! :) A pink and a blue one. Oh happy days!

Oh hi! Just me and Rusty…hanging out.

The lovely on the right is Shasta Daisies. I love daisies so we shall see what happens. :)

The garden looks so tiny! But we have high hopes for it. :) See that huge rock patch behind the tree on the left?? We threw tons of wildflower seeds down – we shall see what happens. We hate rock.